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August 16, 1992
The look on the face of Joshua Crain ("Devil of a Summer Camp," July 31) told the whole story. How could that burly Marine frighten a youngster so much trying to get him to jump from a 35-foot tower? Thank goodness he had the courage to say no. I guarantee you, Josh will carry the memory of fright and humiliation for years to come. The Times didn't help the situation by running a close-up picture of his terrified face and the statement "he didn't jump." I have two grandchildren, 4 and 6 years old, who ride the big waves at Newport Beach.
April 20, 1986
What have we accomplished with this act of violence? 1--The threat of terrorism looms greater now than before forinnocent people around the world. 2--The Libyan people are more united as a group, and Kadafi will acquire more support as anti-U.S. sentiment grows. 3--We have alienated ourselves from our allies, who had made clear their opposition to U.S. military action against Libya. These are the costs that we pay for the feeling of "satisfaction" that we allegedly gain by retaliating militarily for past humiliation.
February 14, 2004
Regarding the article about William Hung ("Off-Key, On the Map," by Shawn Hubler, Feb. 6), you inadvertently reveal a judiciously maintained but rather obvious secret, that Hung, like every other candidate for "American Idol," went through a careful selection process before ever facing the draconian judging panel of Simon, Paula and Randy. One can't help assume, having heard Hung attempt to sing, that his original auditioners knew perfectly well they were slipping in a dud to spice up the show.
May 4, 2004
Re "Report on Iraqi Prison Found 'Systemic and Illegal Abuse,' " May 3: Get out! Get out! Get out now! We're not winning any hearts and minds in Iraq. Instead, we're acting like we've lost ours. John Ott Mission Hills One of the justifications for the war that President Bush keeps repeating is that Saddam Hussein is not killing or torturing his people any longer, that the Iraqis are now free under the American occupation forces. Right you are, George. Saddam isn't abusing his people anymore; we're doing that for him. Robert Carrelli Thousand Oaks Although the photos of Iraqi prisoners suffering humiliation may seem over the line, how does suffering such humiliation pale when the ultimate goal is to save lives?
June 19, 1994
In reading your story "Swat Leads to Discrimination Complaint Against Professor," (June 10) I too felt a rush of humiliation and rage. As an African American father of four, my humiliation was at the fact that (Keary Johns) willingly placed himself in such a compromising position because he was "in a bind" of his own doing. My rage was because rather than accept responsibility for his actions, he set out to blame everyone but himself for what resulted. (Johns) was not stripped of his manhood, he willingly sacrificed it when he chose to compromise his bare backside in pursuit of a grade and a diploma.
June 9, 2004
Marc Sageman argues that terrorists can be defeated only by attacking their ideas, by altering "Muslims' perception that their interests are hostile to the West" (Opinion, June 6). We must, he says, engage them on "the battlefield of interpretations." That certainly beats the prevailing idea that we can defeat terrorists by killing them all. But what if the jihadist imagination is fired by what the headline of Jessica Stern's insightful piece (on the same page) calls "a caldron of humiliation"?
March 4, 2001
Re "Judge Voids Jury Verdict in Halloween-Prank Shooting" Feb. 24: Here are two definitions. A prank is something done to provoke laughter or amusement. A theft is an act of stealing. The first is playful and harmless; the second, a crime. These were not two little boys out having fun. They were both young men out intentionally hurting others for their own amusement. ROBERT SPENCER Westminster I have felt the fear of being at the mercy of teenagers who hunt in packs and think of themselves above the law. I have no tolerance for any kind of vandalism and would like to see the punishment for graffiti or petty theft handled as I understand it is in Indonesia or Singapore, with public flogging or public humiliation.
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