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October 12, 2013 | By Robert Hilburn
Johnny Cash's life in the 1960s is mostly remembered as a time of glorious achievement - from the landmark prison albums at Folsom and San Quentin to the launch of the ABC-TV series featuring such guests as Bob Dylan and the Doors that led to his becoming a giant figure in popular culture, a symbol to millions, no less, of the best of American social values. But Cash also experienced excruciatingly dark times in the decade, fueled by drugs and guilt over the breakup of his marriage.
April 21, 1987 | Associated Press
The Iowa House of Representatives today rejected a move to force convicted drunken drivers to apologize in their local newspapers. "We got away from the scarlet letter a long time ago," said Rep. Dan Jay. The measure, defeated on a voice vote, would have allowed a judge to order motorists convicted of drunken driving to write a public apology, which would be published in their local newspaper along with a picture of the motorist.
April 13, 1999
President Clinton escaped conviction by the Senate in his impeachment trial in February, but he could not escape the justifiable wrath of a federal magistrate in Arkansas on Monday on a matter closely related to the impeachment case against him. U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright ruled that Clinton lied when questioned last year in the Paula Corbin Jones sexual harassment case.
The milk of human kindness does not flow through Neil LaBute's films. Taking the baleful futility of personal relationships as a theme, his is rather a cinema of humiliation, embarrassment and misery, the celluloid equivalent of a 'round-the-clock news station that offers all jerks, all the time. Writer-director LaBute's remarkably sour and cynical view of human nature couldn't be better suited to gather plaudits in the times we live in.
June 29, 1997 | Maurice Meisner, Maurice Meisner is a professor of history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His most recent book is "The Deng Xiaoping Era: An Inquiry into the Fate of Chinese Socialism" (Hill & Wang)
The impending return of Hong Kong to China--after 150 years of British colonial rule--is mourned by most Western commentators as a defeat for democracy and autonomy. But in China, the coming transition is celebrated as a long overdue act of historical justice, generating an outpouring of patriotic fervor not seen since the defeat of Japan more than a half-century ago.
The Angels added injury to insult Monday night, their embarrassing 13-1 loss to the Baltimore Orioles punctuated by an off-field collision that left their second baseman with a knot on his forehead and a reserve infielder with blurred vision and three stitches under his eye. You know things are going badly when your pitching is horrendous, you make two errors and a handful of mental mistakes and a guy who didn't even play gets injured.
August 22, 1991 | DIANNE KLEIN
"I'm just like anybody else out here," Jenny says, as if she really needs to, but then again, they wonder about her out here, about her kind. "The reason I moved to Irvine is my kids," she says. "I want them to be in good schools. I want them to be safe. It's humiliating here, but at least it's safe." It is humiliating, Jenny says, because she is poor--poor in a place where the have-nots aren't really part of the urban plan.
February 13, 1996 | From Associated Press
Kerry Kittles scored 25 points Monday night at Philadelphia and No. 4 Villanova routed city rival La Salle, 90-50, the worst loss ever sustained by the Explorers. Jason Lawson and Eric Eberz each had 11 points for the Wildcats, winners of eight consecutive. Romaine Haywood had 14 for La Salle, which has lost eight of nine. The worst previous loss by the Explorers was a 113-77 defeat against Notre Dame in 1977.
May 24, 1994 | ERIC SHEPARD
Winning a softball playoff game, 48-0, may be one for the record books, but it accomplishes little else. Templeton Coach Valerie Reynolds said she was embarrassed by her team's lopsided victory over Ly Lycee of Los Angeles last Friday. "That kind of a score isn't good for the winning or losing team," Reynolds said. "Our kids weren't getting a kick out of it, and I'm sure theirs weren't either." The first-round Southern Section Division VI game started badly and got worse.
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