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June 15, 2006 | Christian Berthelsen and Christine Hanley, Times Staff Writers
Orange County supervisors decided Wednesday to review their hiring of the lawyer who advised Sheriff Michael S. Carona that he could suspend his chief political opponent from the department. At the end of a two-day hearing on the county's next budget, Supervisor Chris Norby asked that the board review the contract, including how much Martin J. Mayer had been paid. County Counsel Benjamin P. DeMayo told the supervisors the contract could be canceled immediately.
May 26, 2007
Re "Bin Laden hunt finds Al Qaeda influx in Pakistan," May 20 The Times' assertion that "the lack of progress underscores the difficulty of the search" for Osama bin Laden well into its fifth year tells me that your reporter must be a shill for President Bush. The failure to find Bin Laden falls squarely on the Bush administration's abandonment of the war on terror and removal of resources to get the job done. Under any circumstances, the hunt would be exceedingly difficult, with no guarantee of success, but Bush and his pathetic crew have brought us nothing but guaranteed failure, which is what actually underscores the lack of progress.
April 7, 1985 | Associated Press
It was rain and marshmallows Friday for 2,500 children here as a helicopter dropped 15,000 of the pillowy sweets in a drenched "new wave Easter egg hunt." The fifth annual "Great Marshmallow Drop" went off without incident despite the rain, said Vic Chiasson, leisure services coordinator at the Wayne Community Center in suburban Detroit. "It was a zoo," Chiasson said. "Everything went real well. The weather didn't cooperate like we had hoped.
November 30, 1985 | SCOTT HARRIS, Times Staff Writer
The City of Los Angeles will soon start mailing letters to about 10,000 people, and later issue thousands of checks totaling as much as $750,000, to make amends for wrongful billings by the Police Department for false alarms over the last two years. And the reason for the over-billings, Police Cmdr. Matthew V. Hunt said, is rooted in a wrongheaded decision made two years ago by someone within the Police Commission staff regarding false-alarm billings.
June 29, 2002
Re "Where's Osama?" letter, June 22: Osama bin Laden is the latest version of Pancho Villa, a Mexican warlord who invaded the U.S. in 1916. He and his band laid waste to the town of Columbus, N.M. President Woodrow Wilson sent most of the Army into the mountains of Mexico to "hunt 'em down and smoke 'em out." Alas, the American armed forces never found Villa or his band. What they did find was the aroused population, who fought against the Yankee invaders of their country. After three months the Army returned to the U.S. Why not send the politicians with all their slogans and bombast to hunt for old Osama?
February 17, 2002
Thursday at California, 7 p.m., Fox Sports Net 2--Less acclaimed than the five ranked Pacific 10 Conference teams, Cal remains in the hunt for the title. Freshman Amit Tamir scored 39 points in a victory over Oregon a week ago. UCLA defeated the Bears, 64-57, at Pauley Pavilion on Jan. 26 behind Jason Kapono's 17 points.
January 2, 1994 | MICHAEL PARRISH, This report was compiled by Times staff writer Donna K.H. Walters
OIL: As oil prices continue to slump, major U.S. oil firms likely will revise capital spending plans downward, with the oil hunt focused overseas. Independent producers will struggle to afford domestic oil exploration. Consumers will benefit from lower prices.
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