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June 21, 2003
NO animal should die for the sake of human pleasure, whether in the fur farm, in the slaughterhouse or on the hunting range ("Intelligent 'Hunting' Leaps Into the Fray," by Howard Rosenberg, June 16). Hunting is a purely cruel and pointless recreational activity that is morally reprehensible. There is nothing artistic or beautiful about the needless killing of animals. Anyone who appreciates the beauty of an animal must capture the beauty of the beast alone -- with a camera and not with a gun!
It's the year 2000, and things have settled down at the California Department of Fish. All hunting has been banned in the state since the old Department of Fish and Game lost its last case in court in the early 1990s. When Cleveland Amory became the new director, his first move was to strike half of the department's title. His second was to fire all the biologists who advocated killing any wildlife species--furry or feathered--as a management tool. There is no longer any game management.
March 2, 1998 | From Associated Press
A quarter-million people poured into London on Sunday to protest a government they say threatens their rural way of life. From the grouse moors of Scotland and the green valleys of Wales and England, landowners and laborers, fox hunters and their opponents brought their diverse grievances to the capital in Britain's largest single demonstration since antinuclear marches in the early 1980s.
December 15, 2001
Re "Loaded for Bear in the Southland Mountains," Dec. 10: I am appalled and saddened that big game hunting still exists in California, especially here in the Southland. California allows up to 1,500 bears to be killed annually, and hunters such as Bill La Haye kill innocent black bears simply for sport. How would La Haye and his comrades feel if they were hunted just for sport? I feel that the black bear and the rest of the forest's lovely creatures have a right to live in tranquillity.
May 22, 1988
Here it is, late spring in Orange County. Most wild animals, what are left of them, are raising newborn young. What does The Times commit in its Orange County Digest? An article with photo of our own urban mountain man with bow and bearskin. Though he professes to teach "respect for nature," he promotes in the same breath hunting with bow and arrow. Provides more of a challenge, he feels. Orange County's wildlife has been trampled by development, run over by traffic, shot year-round by poachers, young and old, and sometimes even legislated against.
August 4, 2006
Re "Island Hunting Plan Misses Target," Aug. 3 The proposal by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-El Cajon) for a military hunting preserve is a selfish land grab for hunters like himself who want a pristine and publicly isolated area for their personal hunts. His use of the emotionally charged issue of disabled American veterans is nothing more than camouflage to attain that goal. If he is truly sincere about helping disabled vets who want to hunt, then he should propose setting aside some of the thousands of acres of federal forest that are for sale and create a refuge with the proper facilities that could accommodate disabled veterans' needs.
December 11, 1987
A San Francisco Superior Court judge has called a halt to the first mountain lion season in 16 years (Part I, Nov. 24), saying that state Fish and Game Commission hadn't properly considered the consequences of the hunt. The judge's action has a welcome side effect. Judge Lucy McCabe's ruling means that, in the future, California Fish and Game will have to do a better job of analyzing the impact of hunting on all game animals. Provided, of course, the decision withstands an appeal.
January 16, 2000
Re: "For Women, the Game Is Afoot" (Jan. 10), to 15-year-old hunter Sarah Salukas, who says: "A lot of people are surprised when they learn I hunt deer, but no one has been negative about it." I say: Perhaps you haven't talked to the right people--like myself, who is disgusted, horrified and appalled that a young person would amuse herself by killing. To murder a young, healthy deer whose only crime is to be in the path of Sarah's arrow is obscene, criminal, totally unethical and a mockery of philosophical, religious, moral and just plain humane values.
January 27, 2004 | J. Michael Kennedy
The Fund for Animals has issued a report with a decidedly gleeful message: The number of hunters is down -- again -- and so is the number of animals being killed. Using U.S. Fish and Wildlife figures along with state wildlife statistics, the organization said the number of hunters has declined from 14 million to 13 million since 1991. Doves and squirrels were killed in the largest numbers, accounting for more than 45 million of the total.
September 8, 1990
I couldn't help being amused, although saddened, by the responses to Rich Roberts' story on the probable effects on wildlife if hunting were banned in California. That some people would carry a love of animals to the point where they suggest human beings shoot each other is amazing. But what really gets me is these people think they are innocent. They sit in their homes in the San Fernando Valley and pet their dogs and believe that the whole world operates with the same supermarket reality.
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