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September 12, 2011 | By Robin Abcarian
Young people have been invoked over and over during the debate about Social Security, as in, the system is going to be broke by the time they reach retirement age. A young man from Northern California asked a simple question: "Of every dollar I earn, how much do you think I deserve to keep?" Bachmann could be heard off camera, "Oh, I love that question. " Unfortunately, she did not get a chance to answer it. Only one candidate got to address it - Huntsman, who talked about personal tax rates and lowering the corporate tax rate to 25%. "I can tell you that by doing that with our tax code, it will leave you and your generation a whole lot better off," Huntsman said.
August 3, 2011 | By Maeve Reston and Michael A. Memoli
The Huntsman campaign has once again gotten a little too "h" happy. Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman is selling himself to New Hampshire voters again Wednesday, walking along the city's main drag and introducing himself to voters in the first-in-the-nation primary state. His campaign has also been flooding voters' inboxes with a direct mail piece shedding more light on his background, as he plays catch-up with some better-known GOP rivals. There's just one problem: The glossy mailer misspelled the candidate's name, adding an unnecessary "h" in his first name.
August 31, 2011 | By Paul West
Laying out an economic blueprint in advance of his GOP rivals and President Obama, Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman Jr. called for a major overhaul of the income tax system that would eliminate popular deductions for home mortgages and charitable deductions as part of a sweeping reduction in tax rates. Huntsman, criticizing his Republican opponents and Obama for failing to provide leadership on the nation's most pressing issue, called his ideas "straight-forward and common sense.
January 11, 2012 | By David Horsey
On the bright side, Jon Huntsman Jr., the candidate whose poll numbers languished in the low single digits for most of the campaign, hit the high teens when real people finally got to vote in New Hampshire on Tuesday. On the dimmer side, that was only good enough for third place. The man who has no chance of winning the Republican nomination for president, Ron Paul, did much better, taking nearly a quarter of the votes. And the man who is most likely to walk away with the nomination, Mitt Romney, garnered more than a third.
December 28, 2011 | By Maeve Reston
Stepping back out on the campaign trail in New Hampshire after the Christmas break, GOP contender Jon Huntsman joined a chorus of his rivals Wednesday in criticizing   Ron Paul - calling the Texas congressman "unelectable. " During a town hall style meeting in Pelham near the Massachusetts border Wednesday night, Huntsman urged voters to look beyond the polls and punditry to select their candidate. The former Utah governor called GOP frontunner Mitt Romney, who led his nearest rival by more than 25 points here in a new CNN poll, a product of "the establishment" and then moved on to Paul: "He's not electable at the end of the day," Huntsman told his audience.
December 6, 2011 | By Kim Geiger
It wasn't that long ago that Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman turned the spotlight on his belief that global warming is real with a tweet aimed at differentiating himself within the crowded GOP primary field. “I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming,” Huntsman wrote on Twitter in late August. "Call me crazy.” But when the former ambassador to China and former governor of Utah faced a crowd of bloggers at the conservative Heritage Foundation on Tuesday, he seemed to have softened his stance on the issue.
June 21, 2011 | By Michael A. Memoli
Jon Huntsman declared himself a candidate for president Tuesday, offering himself as a strong leader capable of restoring the nation to greatness. The former Utah governor used a scenic backdrop that included the Statue of Liberty to begin a campaign against a president he served under just months earlier as ambassador to China. His speech included its share of swipes at President Obama, as he said the nation was in need of new leadership "that knows we need more than hope.
July 5, 2007 | From the Associated Press
A private equity firm has made a cash offer for Huntsman Corp. that at about $6 billion trumps a bid last week from a Dutch company. Huntsman, the nation's fourth-largest chemical company, said the offer from Apollo Management's Hexion Specialty Chemicals Inc. of Columbus, Ohio, valued Huntsman at $27.25 a share. That is an 8% premium over the $25.25 bid from Basell, a Dutch holding of U.S. industrialist Leonard Blavatnik's Access Industries. There were 221.
February 20, 1990 | From Times Wire Services
Huntsman Holdings Corp., whose unsolicited $813-million bid for Aristech Chemical Corp. prompted the chemicals company to seek a Japanese white knight, said today it has dropped its offer. Huntsman had previously said it might sweeten its $25-a-share offer to more than $27 per share, but said today it has ended talks with Aristech. Aristech recently agreed to be acquired for $845 million, or $27 a share, by a group led by Aristech management and the Japanese trading company Mitsubishi Corp.
December 25, 1996 | Times Staff and Wire Reports
Huntsman Corp. said it will buy the last piece of Texaco Inc.'s chemicals business for $600 million. The Salt Lake City chemical company has operated the remaining Texaco chemical business, which consists of a plant in Port Neches, Texas, since 1994. It bought Texaco Chemical Co. at that time for $1.06 billion, with an option to buy the Port Neches plant, which was under construction. The transaction is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 1997.
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