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May 19, 1998
The newborn infant found buried alive in a shallow grave during the weekend has continued to improve and, according to his doctors, he is now breathing on his own, with an occasional infusion of oxygen. Dr. Ricardo Liberman, the head of the neonatology unit at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, said the infant's condition has "stabilized." His neurological activity is normal, Liberman said. The baby will remain in the hospital for seven to 10 more days.
February 2, 1998 | THE WASHINGTON POST
Winter weather--even when it is relatively mild, as is the case in Southern California--is accompanied by a variety of health concerns, particularly for seniors. But while colds and flu get more attention, hypothermia can be just as hazardous. Hypothermia is dangerously low body temperature usually brought on by staying in a cool place for an extended period of time. It can occur in environments as warm as 65 degrees.
October 26, 1997 | Associated Press
A white, glue-like substance that washed ashore at Sunset State Beach, along with more than 15 dead shorebirds, is a nontoxic fish oil, officials said Saturday. The oil--which can be found in large slicks in Monterey Bay--poses no threat to humans. However, once birds dive into it, many are not able to fly and often die of hypothermia, officials said.
A man who usually jogged 10 miles a day and once went on a 100-mile hiking trip with his wife, died of hypothermia Friday on an annual trek to the Sierra Nevada. Estel Wilgus of Ventura was 63. "He jogged every day, even at lunch," said one of his sons, Craig. "This is such a shock." Wilgus, a retired electronics engineer at Point Mugu, and a friend, Jim Fagnant, 61, of Camarillo, were on a hiking trip in Kings Canyon National Park west of Bishop when a sudden storm hit Thursday.
January 17, 1997 | DAVID REYES
An 80-year-old man was plucked from Huntington Harbour alive but suffering from exhaustion and hypothermia after he slipped and fell off a boat dock into chilly, 55-degree water, a sheriff's spokesman said Thursday. Bertram Ross of Huntington Harbour went to check on his boat about 5:20 p.m. Wednesday, when he lost his footing on a wet dock near Davenport Island and went into the water, said Deputy Steven McCormick, who rescued Ross.
December 30, 1996 | From Times Wire Reports
A long spell of freezing weather gripping Europe has taken the lives of dozens of homeless people, while blizzards have disrupted travel and balmy resorts have suffered freak snowfalls. Several dozen people trapped in their vehicles by avalanches in a tunnel in southern Russia were finally freed, but as many as 300 people were still feared to be inside the tunnel as snow continued to fall. Sections of the Danube River in Central Europe were frozen over, as were major canals in northern Germany.
August 25, 1996 | From Associated Press
Navigating through torrential rains, an army helicopter pilot flew Saturday into the Himalayas to rescue two sick Hindu pilgrims from among thousands of people stranded on the slopes. A freak snowstorm and heavy rains have left at least 113 people dead near a town about 65 miles south of the Jammu-Kashmir state capital, Srinagar. Doctors feared the death toll could rise as the storm, which began Thursday, persisted.
November 10, 1995 | Associated Press
A young mother was sentenced to 18 years in prison Thursday for letting her two little boys die in a sweltering car outside a motel where she had gone to see her boyfriend. Judge Charles Haston said he was not convinced that Jennie Bain Ducker was remorseful and that her demeanor at her sentencing was hostile. Ducker will have to serve at least six years before she is eligible for parole. Ducker, 21, a manic-depressive with a history of alcoholism, was convicted Oct.
June 9, 1995 | From Associated Press
Dustin and Devin Ducker were laid to rest Thursday in tiny white caskets two days after they died side by side, buckled into their car seats in the back of their mother's sweltering car. Investigators said their mother, Jennie Bain, was partying with four men in a motel room, had too much to drink and fell asleep as the temperature inside the car climbed as high as 115 degrees. Dustin, 1, and Devin, about 2, died of hyperthermia, or overheating, autopsies showed.
Figuring a near-death experience was sufficient punishment, a local couple asked police Friday not to seek prosecution of two men who allegedly stole their catamaran and capsized it in strong winds. Kelly and Walter Viszolay opted to forgive the two men who police said took the 18-foot-craft after one of them, Scott Gregory Houston, 23, nearly froze in the chilly waters off the Laguna coast early Thursday morning.
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