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May 25, 1989
A bill approved by the Senate on Monday to raise the state's gasoline tax 10 cents a gallon includes an amendment by Sen. Art Torres (D-Los Angeles) that could block efforts to build the Long Beach Freeway through South Pasadena. The bill, by Sen. Quentin Kopp (I-San Francisco), was approved by a 27-11 margin and now goes to the Assembly, where further negotiations are expected on the controversial gas tax proposal. One lawmaker who is close to the issue, but who asked not to be identified, said he doubts that the Torres amendment will remain in the measure, partly because of opposition in the Assembly.
April 27, 1995 | Associated Press
A Senate committee has approved a bill that would let voters decide if mountain lions should be hunted in California, including in state parks. The same committee also rejected a bill that would allow Californians to keep ferrets as pets. The cougar hunting bill by Sen. Tim Leslie (R-Carnelian Bay) was approved Tuesday by a 6-2 vote of the Natural Resources and Wildlife Committee. It goes to the Appropriations Committee. The ferret bill by Sen. Quentin L.
July 9, 1994
Question: Much has been made about some key witnesses selling their stories to tabloid television shows and publications. Are there any circumstances under which the selling of this potential evidence is illegal? Answer: Not in California. However, on Thursday, State Sen. Quentin Kopp (I-San Francisco) introduced a bill that would prohibit potential witnesses from giving interviews in exchange for money before or during a trial.
September 11, 1991 | From Associated Press
A bill to restore a sales tax exemption for free newspapers was sent to Gov. Pete Wilson on Tuesday after the measure's supporters argued that the tax could drive some papers out of business. "Many (of these papers) operate on a very marginal economic scale," said Sen. Art Torres (D-Los Angeles). "This is an effort to make sure that those free newspapers stay alive." The Senate approved the bill 30 to 3, sending it to the Republican governor, who has indicated a willingness to sign the measure.
July 10, 1992 | From a Times Staff Writer
The Senate on Thursday approved and sent to the Assembly a bill by state Sen. Quentin Kopp (I-San Francisco) that would offer Death Row convicts the choice of being executed by fatal injection or lethal gas. Assembly Speaker Willie Brown has predicted that the legislation will win approval in the Assembly, where Democrats are no longer expected to kill bills relating to the death penalty.
January 23, 1998 | From Associated Press
Responding to a series of court decisions on a lawsuit in Orange County, the state Senate on Thursday voted to give older employees more protection against employers who try to replace them with younger, lower-paid workers. By a 22-8 vote, the upper house sent the Assembly a bill that would bar an employer from firing, demoting or refusing to hire a worker over age 40 simply because a younger employee could do the job for less money.
June 10, 1992 | Associated Press
The Senate Judiciary Committee, trying to reduce court challenges of death penalties, voted Tuesday to give condemned prisoners a choice between lethal injection and the gas chamber. By 6-0 votes, the panel approved two bills designed to head off claims like the one raised before the execution of Robert Alton Harris in April--that killing inmates in the state's gas chamber is unconstitutionally cruel and unusual punishment.
October 3, 1991
A bill by State Sen. Quentin Kopp (I-San Francisco) that would offer some relief to libraries now forced to pay sales tax on periodical purchases was signed late Tuesday by Gov. Pete Wilson. The law will exempt sales tax charges for nonprofit organizations that purchase magazines that either contain no commercial advertising or that are printed by a nonprofit group, such as Science magazine from the American Assn. for the Advancement of Science.
July 8, 1995
Downey Municipal Court is one of four in the state that is participating in a new pilot program to speed evictions through court. Under the program, which started this week, delinquent tenants fighting eviction will have about two weeks to deposit a half-month's rent with the court during a special hearing if they wish to fight their eviction in a trial.
April 11, 1991 | From a Times Staff Writer
The Senate Rules Committee on Wednesday killed legislation that would have cut off the salaries of legislators and the governor for each day that approval of the state budget was delayed beyond the June 15 constitutional deadline. The proposed constitutional amendment by Sen. Quentin L. Kopp (I-San Francisco), similar versions of which have been scuttled in the past, died for lack of a motion to approve it.
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