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April 19, 1992 | KENNETH TURAN, Kenneth Turan is the Times' film critic
Among the faithful in all disciplines, the most poignant question is always what might have been. What music might Mozart have written if he'd lived, what feats might Ted Williams have managed if world wars hadn't intervened, and what films might Orson Welles have made if he'd ever had enough money to do things his way.
February 15, 1992
Jose Ferrer, amigo, you now rest in peace, but your voice will reverberate forever. Your Iago had no peer. Your Cyrano was the best ever! JULIO L. FRANCESCONI Los Angeles
October 27, 1991
There was one major error of omission in the story "The Land of the One-Legged Man" by Peter S. Goodman (Sept. 22): The present and chronic warring in Cambodia is squarely on the heads of Richard M. Nixon and his foreign policy Iago, Henry Kissinger. Their decision to illegally and secretly bomb Cambodia in 1969 set in motion a line of dominoes that has been falling on the people of that region ever since. TERRY KING Los Angeles
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