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Ian Mcshane

February 28, 2013 | By Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times Film Critic
Pity poor Jack. There he was, minding his own business in some dusty fairy tale book when the powers that be dragooned him into active service as the front man for the would-be blockbuster "Jack the Giant Slayer. " Of course, Jack's been through the Hollywood shuffle before. Research reveals that he appeared in an Edison film as far back as 1902 and that his story has been embraced by talents as diverse as Gene Kelly, Chuck Jones and the Three Stooges. But there may never have been a Jack tale that delivered so little pleasure for so many dollars as what we have here.
December 13, 2006
WHAT'S AHEAD TONIGHT: OK, maybe it's not the best way to save a marriage. But moving to a remote village in China worked for Naomi Watts and Edward Norton in "The Painted Veil," which premieres at 7 tonight at the ArcLight. In addition to Watts and Norton, guests are expected to include Liev Schreiber, Drew Barrymore and Anthony LaPaglia. Also: He's baaaack. Sylvester Stallone is expected to join Milo Ventimiglia, Sharon Stone, James Caan, Gov.
September 16, 1985 | KEVIN THOMAS, Times Staff Writer
Agatha Christie's "Ordeal by Innocence" (citywide) is quite a few cuts above most films that open Fridays without previews, yet is not up to the best of the filmed Christie mysteries. There's just not enough bite in either adapter Alexander Stuart's dialogue or in Desmond Davis' direction.
January 13, 2008
Bolt A canine TV superhero doesn't realize his superpowers aren't real when he embarks on a cross-country trek accompanied by a jaded house cat and a hamster. John Travolta and Susie Essman lend their voices. Directed by Chris Williams. Walt Disney Pictures, Nov. 26. Chicago 10 Writer-director Brett Morgen contrasts volatile documentary footage of protesters and police at the 1968 Democratic National Convention with 3-D animated re-creations of the infamous trial that followed.
July 9, 1989 | David Pecchia \f7
Blood Sport (Comedia/Blood Sport). Shooting in Toronto and Vancouver. Based on the Dick Francis mystery novel, this one concerns a free-lance investigator and security consultant who's given the task of locating a missing thoroughbred horse. Executive producers Jacky Stoller, Jonathan Harris and Liam Miller. Producer Jonathan Hackett. Director Harvey Hart. Screenwriter Andrew Payne. Stars Ian McShane, Jennifer Dale, Carolyn Dunn, Heath Lamberts and Ken Welsh. Queen's Logic (QL).
December 1, 1985 | RICHARD CROMELIN
"SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM." Grace Jones. Manhattan. This peculiar hodgepodge of song and spoken homage to pop's dominatrix diva might have suited the self-absorbed spirit of the disco days. But like the slimy critters in "War of the Worlds," it shrivels and dies when exposed to today's more urgent atmosphere.
October 13, 1989 | IRV LETOFSKY
"The Saint," in the stylish persona of Simon Templar, is back--and KCOP's got him. The new face in the old role is likewise a Simon: suave Simon Dutton, a British actor whose paltry 31 years is enhanced with a few gray brush strokes across his temple hair. Channel 13 runs the first of six new two-hour "Saint" episodes tonight at 8 in a Friday cycle labeled "The Mystery Wheel of Adventure."
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