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September 30, 2007 | James Kirchick, James Kirchick is assistant to the editor in chief of the New Republic and reported from Zimbabwe last year.
As Zimbabwe's president, Robert Mugabe, presides over what might be the most rapid disintegration yet of a modern nation-state, it has become de rigueur for journalists, politicians and academics to offer what has become a near-universal analysis: Mugabe, who has ruled his country uninterrupted for 27 years, was a promising leader who became corrupted over time by power. This meme was popularized not long after Mugabe began seizing white-owned farms in 2000.
In a final push for today's crucial referendum, South Africa's white leaders Monday took out newspaper advertisements, handed out leaflets and appeared on radio talk shows to persuade thousands of still-undecided voters to make a final break with apartheid. President Frederik W. de Klerk, who has vowed to resign if he loses, said in an open letter to South Africans that a "no" vote would "lead us to a dead end of division and destruction." De Klerk's foreign minister, Roelof F.
June 24, 1987 | SCOTT KRAFT, Times Staff Writer
The government of Zimbabwe announced Tuesday that it will soon introduce legislation to scrap special parliamentary representation for the country's 120,000 whites, a long-anticipated move that will formally end nearly a century of racial privilege in the continent's youngest black-ruled nation.
August 12, 1999 | From Reuters
China Airlines sealed an order for aircraft from Boeing Co. and detailed plans to buy more jets from Airbus Industrie in hotly contested deals that analysts said should please all three. China Airlines said that if all options are exercised, it would buy a total of 36 airliners worth $5.6 billion from the two fierce aerospace rivals.
May 2, 1985 | From Times Wire Services
Sir Max Aitken, a World War II ace credited with the destruction of 16 German planes and son of British newspaper magnate Lord Beaverbrook, died Tuesday at his London home. He was 75. 'My father had been ill for some years," said his son, Maxwell Aitken. "He suffered a series of strokes, the first in 1977. In the last six months he had been getting worse." Sir Max took over Lord Beaverbrook's role as head of the family newspaper concern on his father's death in 1964.
July 27, 1986 | PETER WELLMAN, Associated Press
Mark H. Rocke and his family have come back to the country they fled out of fear six years ago--fear of black rule in Zimbabwe. Like thousands of others who left what then was the British colony of Rhodesia, they had gone to South Africa, only to encounter the racial strife they feared so much here. "This is a country of racial peace, and we did the right thing coming home," Rocke's wife, Denyse, said.
October 14, 2002 | From Associated Press
Sir Garfield Todd, a former prime minister of Southern Rhodesia, as Zimbabwe was once known, died Sunday after a stroke. He was 93. Todd died in a hospital in the western city of Bulawayo, said his daughter Judith, a leading Zimbabwean human rights activist. Prime minister from 1953 to 1958, Todd backed his country's independence from Britain for two decades before it was finally granted in 1980.
December 3, 1997
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January 7, 2010
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