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Ice Chalet

April 9, 1997 | DADE HAYES
More than three years after the Northridge earthquake wiped out all but one store at the Laurel Plaza shopping center, developers are still trying to get city approval for a plan to breathe new retail life into the site. The matter appears on today's City Council agenda, but officials said a vote would most likely be delayed several months, as it has been repeatedly since the quake.
March 12, 2000 | DIANE PUCIN
A careless mistake--a slip on her double axel, a jump Sasha Cohen completes routinely and with beautiful height and form--probably cost the 15-year-old Laguna Niguel figure skater a spot on the U.S. team for the Senior World Championships. Cohen, who last month finished a strong second to Michelle Kwan at the U.S.
Edwards Theatres Circuit Inc., continuing to shed small theater complexes that have been a drain on the Newport Beach chain, has closed its four-screen cinema in Westminster Mall. The theater, which often showed children's movies, had been overshadowed by a newer 10-screen cinema that Edwards opened in 1992 a couple of miles away. The Westminster movie house, which opened in 1974 with the mall, was closed last weekend when a water pipe broke in a food court above it.
February 9, 1992
Orange County's figure skaters begin their quest for the Olympic gold this morning (10:30 a.m. PST) in Albertville, France, when the pairs teams of Todd Sand-Natasha Kuchiki and Scott Wendland-Jenni Meno compete in the pairs original program. The competition will be televised at 8 tonight on Channel 2. Sand, 28, of Costa Mesa and Kuchiki, 15, of Canoga Park finished third in the world championships last year.
September 14, 1995
Before Nancy Kerrigan balked when Campbell Soup stuck her in a loud shirt to promote its product, she received a bronze medal at the 1994 Winter Olympics while performing on the ice in a black and white Chanel-inspired outfit accented with pearls. Before Tonya Harding was placed on probation after being implicated in the attack on Kerrigan, she competed against her in Lillehammer, Norway, in a peekaboo body-clinger. Harding's skate lace snapped, and you know the rest.
February 9, 2000 | DIANE PUCIN
The coach of two of the best, young, female figure skaters in the United States is 70 years old. "I'll be 71 in April," John Nicks says proudly. Most of us want to chop a year or a decade off our ages. Nicks is happy to rush to the next birthday. The coach of two of the best young, female figure skaters in the U.S. is the son of a British sporting goods store owner. His father introduced John and his sister, Jennifer, to the ice in Brighton when John was about 10 years old.
August 25, 1994 | BENJAMIN EPSTEIN, Benjamin Epstein is a free-lance writer who contributes frequently to The Times Orange County Edition.
Want to beat the heat? Look no further than Costa Mesa. It's always cool inside the Diego Sepulveda Adobe, and kids and adults alike find its history even cooler. Then, for a way cool experience, spend some time on the ice at Ice Capades Chalet. 1 to 1:45: The Diego Sepulveda Adobe was built by the padres of San Juan Capistrano between 1823 and 1828. Estancia means "way station," and that's what the structure provided vaqueros herding mission cattle.
The Walt Disney Co. and city officials are exploring the possibility of a joint venture to build an ice rink where Disney's new hockey team could practice and the public could skate, the mayor said Friday. "We believe the project has great potential, but it would take time to work out the details," Mayor Tom Daly said. "It could be beneficial to everyone." Issues that need to be worked out, Daly said, are financing, location and management.
October 8, 1989 | JANEY MILSTEAD
AS INDIAN SUMMER lingers on, the thought of an icy respite need not be merely a pleasant reverie. There are enough ice rinks in the area to make this cool daydream a reality. Says Craig Yeaton, one of the managers of the Pasadena Ice Skating Center: "We're getting more and more born-again skaters, people who left their skates home when they moved West and then changed their minds."
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