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Ice Fishing

A Russian diplomat who struck and killed a woman in Ottawa while allegedly driving drunk flew home Monday without facing charges, enraging Canadians who felt that he was getting away with murder. Canada's Foreign Ministry had asked Moscow to waive diplomatic immunity for the man, 45-year-old Andrei Knyazev, and a colleague who was involved in a separate crash the same day. But Russian authorities refused, saying the pair would face appropriate punishment at home under Russian law.
January 26, 1987 | Associated Press
Helicopters and icebreakers rescued about 1,100 people from two huge ice floes that cracked off the shoreline under hurricane-force winds and floated out into the Gulf of Riga, a Latvian rescue official said today. None of those on the floes Sunday, mostly fishermen and their families, were killed or injured, the sea rescue official in Jurmala, Latvia, said. The official said about 1,100 people had gone onto the ice for weekend ice fishing, a favorite local pastime.
November 2, 2004 | Shermakaye Bass
Fishing With John, Segment 4: Maine, with Willem Dafoe Directed by John Lurie DVD, $26.96 The thought of Willem Dafoe offering his parka-padded armpit in a selfless gesture while fishing on a frozen lake in northern Maine may seem scary. But it's a matter of survival in this hilarious ice fishing saga, a cross between "Waiting for Godot" and "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy."
December 9, 2012 | By Scott J. Wilson
The number of free college-level courses offered online has surged this year, with some of the nation's most prestigious universities getting involved. The classes are open to anyone, and although you won't earn college credit, you will get a chance to learn from professors and other experts at no charge. Some key websites: • Thirty-three universities, including Stanford, Caltech, Princeton and Duke, have joined together to offer more than 200 courses. Among them are 21 classes in economics and finance, 13 in business and management, and 20 in artificial intelligence and robotics.
March 4, 2000 | From Associated Press
A most unwelcome thaw in the nation's northern snow belt has put the world's largest weenie roast on ice. Snowmobiles are silent. Ski trails are slush and mud. The casualties of all the warm weather include North America's largest cross-county ski race and an ice fishing derby in International Falls, Minn., dubbed the "Nation's Icebox" for its bitter winters.
December 1, 1985 | SHIRLEY MARLOW
--Being the only American in a Chinese jail can have its advantages, Richard S. Ondrik said. The warden in the Harbin, China, jail made dumplings for him, and a trustee hauled hot water for his weekly bath. But despite the decent treatment, "a cage is a cage, no matter how golden," Ondrik said. Ondrik, convicted of accidentally setting a fatal fire in April in a Harbin hotel, was released on Thanksgiving Day after serving five months of an 18-month sentence.
Windy but warm at the lower elevations, snow and ice at the upper levels and an unpredictable mix in between was the forecast Thursday for Saturday's opening of the Eastern Sierra trout fishing season. Motels were 95% booked in Bishop, where the high temperature was 80 degrees. But it was in the 40s to 50s and cloudy around Bridgeport, 90 miles to the north, with storms skirting the area.
April 30, 1988 | RICH ROBERTS, Times Staff Writer
The natives were calling it typical spring weather for the Eastern Sierra trout season opener today: temperatures as high as 80 degrees this week followed by high winds and possible snow flurries late this afternoon or evening. The conditions could result in some trade-offs. The warming trend allowed the opening of the Tioga and Sonora passes from the West Friday, adding to the crush of anglers from Southern California, about 17,500 of whom will be concentrated at Crowley Lake.
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