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April 2, 2010
Claire Stansfield deftly mixes high-end design with more affordable purchases. Some of her budget-minded strategies: Linen sheets: Stansfield swears by Matteo Home sales. "All of the fabrics are made in Italy and finished here in L.A. The quality is amazing," she says. "The sheets aren't cheap, but twice a year they have amazing sales. I always stock up then." Kids' furniture and accessories: "IKEA, IKEA, IKEA," she says. "Their design is clean and simple looking, and it's affordable."
November 15, 2007
Nipper was barely toddling when I learned that kiddie thrills don't come at expensive theme parks. Looking to buy a hummingbird feeder at Lowe's, we emerged from a long aisle and Nipper's head dropped back in awe. He pointed and shrieked at the dozens of shiny new ceiling fans spinning wa-a-a-a-ay above us. When he stayed enthralled for a full 15 minutes, I knew I was onto something.
December 21, 1997
"We're not the only closet IKEA meatball lovers after all," I shouted across the house to my boyfriend, who couldn't believe that I'd found something about the subject in the magazine ("Some Assembly Required," by Nancy Spiller, SoCal Style, Nov. 9). The two of us have been post-shopping meatball dining at the warm little in-store cafe for years now and have enjoyed the thought that we might be the only ones in town onto this really wonderful little Swedish meatball dinner. The saucy meatballs are truly delicious, the red potatoes and lingonberries a perfect accompaniment and--the best part--the generous portions are reasonably priced.
May 24, 2012 | By Shan Li
Teen retailer American Eagle Outfitters Inc., seeking to exit the children's apparel business, is looking for ways to unload its chain of 77kids stores despite a first-quarter profit that beat Wall Street expectations. In the three months ended April 28, American Eagle reported a profit of $39.7 million, or 20 cents per share, up from $28.3 million, or 14 cents, a year earlier. Sales jumped 18% to $719 million.  77kids is American Eagle's foray into the under-15 set. Begun as an online-only business in 2008, the brand now has 22 stores nationwide.
September 10, 1995
Has the New Age left you feeling morally bankrupt? No problem. At least that's what we heard holders of the Good Card proclaiming at a recent mid-city soiree. Seems the faux credit card, available by phone, is a sort of Discover Card for good-deed-doers: The more positive vibes you "spend," the more karmic "credit" you accumulate. What's next, frequent flier miles for astral projection?
November 10, 1990 | David Colker
Jaime Berg said her wallet was vibrating. "It's sending me signals!" she said. "It's telling me to spend, spend, spend!" Berg was one of the thousands of shoppers drawn to IKEA, the newly opened furniture phenom of Burbank that had for weeks been bombarding the Los Angeles area with advertisements.
August 21, 2010
Tips on creating an affordable tropical retreat In the last 10 years, Bob Ramirez estimates that he has poured about $500,000 into the construction of his home and grounds. Decorating it, however, was far less costly. Here are some of the clever ideas and affordable resources used to create a tropical but family-friendly retreat: FURNITURE Lisa Kline scoured flea markets, garage sales and EBay to find streamlined Midcentury tables and courtroom chairs whose clean lines helped to prevent spaces from feeling too busy.
August 27, 2013 | By Lisa Boone
Vanessa De Vargas of Turquoise Interior Design has decorated and redecorated her tiny 500-square-foot bungalow in Venice in a variety of themes during the last 15 years. When she was going through "a dark phase," she painted the walls steel gray and installed red flocked wallpaper. From that moody place, she moved on to a sunnier, beachy vibe with seaside blue and green accents. The bungalow may be small, but De Vargas said the size does not limit her. It is, in fact, what has empowered her to change designs over and over again.
December 13, 1990 | GERI COOK
It's a great time of year to rent items that we usually buy and save some big bucks. The most unusual rental around probably is Rent-a-Tree, a promotional service offered by Ikea that seems to be taking Los Angeles by storm. Here's the deal: The trees are live Douglas firs shipped from Vancouver, B. C., and measure here from 5 1/2 feet to 7 feet tall. The cost is $10 for the rental with a $10 deposit. You are given a "Tree Lease" and, when you return the tree Jan.
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