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Illegal Aliens

October 16, 1985
Why not impose penalties on illegal immigrants as deterrent to cross the border illegally? ask Barry R. Chiswick and Carmel U. Chiswick in their article (Editorial Pages, Oct. 9). It is obvious how naive these two people are regarding the people who come across the border. How many detention facilities, and how big, would it take to temporarily detain 1 million undocumented workers a year? This "solution" is not going "to stop the revolving door." As an illegal worker myself, I can speak from personal experience.
January 29, 1992
Once again, The Times' editors have chosen to be selective with the facts concerning my proposals to reform our immigration policies. The problem is not immigrants--the problem is illegal immigrants, a crucial point that your editorial writer chose to ignore almost altogether. I support generous legal immigration, believing that newcomers to our society can make a tremendous contribution. But I also believe that the United States has a right to determine how many immigrants we can accept every year, and clearly we have lost control over our borders.
May 5, 1985
Illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars yearly and is the most critical domestic problem the United States--and Orange County--faces. Local communities are experiencing a wave of serious crimes, many gun-related. A high percentage of these crimes are being committed by Mexican illegals. It's obvious that these people cross the border to do other things besides pick strawberries. Nevertheless, a recent (April 7) editorial in the Los Angeles Times criticized the ordinance passed by the Orange City Council to control the activities of Mexican illegals within the city limits.
May 4, 1986
Stephen Moore attempts to prove that illegal immigration is beneficial to the economy (Editorial Pages, April 15). He offers as proof the answers he received from 28 economists he recently polled. Most agreed with him. Presumably, the answering economists used as a criterion for their conclusions the classical economic principle that labor is to be classified the same as materials in any cost consideration. This, of course, is simply an extension of the supply-side theory, and gives no thought to the humanistic, social and other overall facets of a complex problem.
September 3, 2011
Two letter writers this week questioned terms used in reporter Teresa Watanabe's article, "Activists push Dream Act bill," Aug. 24. Reader R.J. Johnson of North Hollywood wrote: "In the lead-in to Teresa Watanabe's article, the words used are 'the undocumented.' But in the actual article, Watanabe uses the phrase 'illegal immigrants.' L.A. Times, which is it?" Reader Sue Martin of Los Angeles wrote: "Regarding correct English, you refer to these students as illegal 'immigrants.' The correct term is 'aliens.' Writers for the L.A. Times continually make this mistake.
December 21, 1987 | Associated Press
A fleeing car plunged down an embankment beside Interstate 5 during a chase with the Border Patrol, injuring 10 illegal aliens, officials said today. The accident occurred shortly before midnight Sunday after the car carrying the 10 people sped away from the San Onofre Border Patrol checkpoint, racing north on the interstate at speeds up to 80 m.p.h., said Agent Mike Niceley, a Border Patrol spokesman. Four of the people in the car suffered serious injuries.
October 31, 2001
Re "Driver's License Bill May Be Law by Accident," Oct. 25: When AB 60 was first introduced in California I was appalled. It allows illegal aliens to legally obtain driver's licenses. Now, due to a legal glitch, apparently the bill has passed. Supposedly Assemblyman Gil Cedillo (D-Los Angeles), initiator of the bill, agreed with Gov. Gray Davis and the new terrorism task force headed by Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca to devise a plan to verify the identities of the illegals it was granting licenses to while "shielding them from deportation."
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