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November 8, 2002 | From Times Wire Reports
Skylark Meats Inc. voluntarily recalled about 110,000 pounds of frozen ground beef that may be contaminated with potentially deadly E. coli bacteria, the U.S. said, adding that no illnesses have been linked to consumption of the product.
August 29, 2002
Re "Crying Out on Health Care," editorial, Aug. 25: The Board of Supervisors has become more mystical and dangerous than Scrooge. It has transformed horrible diseases of the past into potential diseases of the future. Since when has ceasing to immunize so many children against severe communicable diseases been more cost-effective than treating even a few of these morbid diseases in our local hospitals? And what about the children who might be forced to suffer from these illnesses in our county facilities?
November 3, 2011 | By Amy Hubbard+, Los Angeles Times / For the Booster Shots blog
Deaths linked to listeria-contaminated cantaloupes have reached 29, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with a total of 139 people sickened in 28 states. So when will the illnesses and deaths connected to this outbreak finally end? The good news: "It appears to be tapering," says CDC spokeswoman Lola Russell.  Still, she said, there's "no way to project when an outbreak is going to be over. " There's little likelihood, Russell noted, that cantaloupes to which the outbreak was traced are still in anyone's refrigerator, given the shelf life of melons.
November 2, 1987
Thousands of adults who don't keep their immunizations up to date become seriously ill or die from easily preventable illnesses, a government-sponsored survey shows. The study by the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control said that children are immunized routinely but that adults are more difficult to reach.
August 8, 2009 | Associated Press
VISALIA -- Health officials in California and Colorado say at least nine people have reported illnesses tied to recalled ground beef that may be tainted with salmonella. On Thursday, Fresno-based Beef Packers Inc. recalled 825,769 pounds of ground beef produced June 5-23. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service says the beef was distributed to retail distribution centers in Arizona, California, Colorado and Utah. A spokesman for the California Department of Public Health said Friday two people have reported feeling ill in Tulare County and three in Orange County.
February 20, 1999
What's so special about Mike Utley [Feb. 16]? Every year thousands of people overcome life-threatening illnesses and crippling accidents. Utley chose to participate in a violent activity. He was aware of the risks and was well paid. Moreover, he took those "steps" with two strong men holding him up and a third person guiding his feet while cameras were rolling. That's grandstanding, not walking. F.G. WOOD Bakersfield
February 20, 1993
I'd like to know what's wrong with KABC spending 17 minutes covering one of the greatest artists and humanitarians in the world? The man quietly brings a message of peace, love and hope to the world, obviously a message we desperately need. He continues to bring hope to millions of Americans with life-threatening illnesses. That's news to me. CATHERINE FRIES North Hollywood
February 24, 1992 | Michael Flagg
HAZARDOUS DUTY: Orange County's workplaces seem to be getting less dangerous. . . . The chances of getting scalded, punctured or otherwise hurt on the job here were nearly one in 40 in 1990, according to the latest figures from the state's workers' compensation program. That's 31,000 reports of workplace injuries or occupational illnesses in 1990. . . . Still, 10 years ago, the chances of getting hurt on the job were one in 32.
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