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May 23, 1985 | TOM GORMAN, Times Staff Writer
Now that the city has spent about $15,000 to learn that its image rates a 6.1 on a scale of 10, more money should be spent to do something about it, the City Council decided Wednesday. The council, by a 5-0 vote, agreed in concept to retain the Gail Stoorza Co., a San Diego-based marketing firm, to develop a public relations campaign to improve the city's image. The company previously was hired to conduct a public opinion survey of the city's image.
September 9, 2003
As an aerospace scientist who regularly deals with data from space instruments, I found "PR With Universal Appeal" (Sept. 5) to be very misleading. It states that images produced by the Hubble Space Telescope are altered. To say an image is altered, however, presumes that some true image actually exists. The purpose of the Hubble is to produce scientific data, not true-to-life photographs. It is not like a normal camera that reproduces what we see by measuring the three primary colors that the eye is sensitive to. The Hubble can detect a much larger multitude of spectral bands than those three primaries.
July 3, 1986 | BRUCE HOROVITZ, Times Staff Writer
The Irvine Co. may be forced to make unprecedented public relations moves--and publicity-shy Chairman Donald Bren may have to meet with the media--in order to help overcome the image damage that has suddenly placed the county's largest developer on the defensive. That is the consensus of local consultants and public relations and advertising executives interviewed Wednesday. The remarks reflect concern over the Irvine Co.'
March 24, 2002 | Andre Breton, From "Surrealist Love Poems," edited by Mary Ann Caws (The University of Chicago Press: 120 pp., $22.50
I dream I see your image indefinitely imposed upon itself You are seated on the high coral stool Before your mirror still in its first quarter Two fingers on the water wing of your comb And at the same time You are returning from a trip lingering last in the grotto Streaming with sparks You do not know me You are lying on the bed you wake where you fall asleep You wake where you fell asleep or elsewhere You are naked the elderberry still bounces A thousand elderberries buzz above you So light
August 21, 1986 | Associated Press
City officials are concerned about traffic jams caused by hundreds of motorists who have been lining up to see a purported image of Christ on a soybean oil storage tank in this city, 50 miles south of Toledo. A spokesman for the owner of the tank says that all the people are seeing are rust stains illuminated by sodium vapor lights. "It's got to be a combination of lighting, rust spots, fog and people's imaginations," said Ralph E. Senteney, spokesman for Archer Daniels Midland Co.
The New Kids on the Block are fast shedding their squeaky-clean image as an All-American pop band as they make headlines over an increasing number of fights and other altercations. The New Kids' lawyer, Len Lewin, planned a trip to the West Coast today to talk to the group about its offstage behavior. "Some program is going to be established to change things around as to how they conduct themselves. I think something has to be done," Lewin said.
Model Christina Mrotzek had posed for hundreds of photographs by the time she was 19. Raven-haired and lithe, the Lakewood teen-ager modeled everything from sportswear to high fashion. But on July 15, Mrotzek's face appeared on perhaps the most important photograph of her life: a three-dimensional computer image that allowed a plastic surgeon to see underneath her skin and soft tissue to the crushed bones below.
December 10, 2011
The attacks on Shiite Muslim gatherings in Afghanistan, which killed at least 59 people Tuesday, were shocking. So was the image of the aftermath, which ran on Wednesday's front page. Several readers said they were disturbed by the photo of a screaming, blood-spattered young woman surrounded by bodies. Moments earlier she had been part of a procession to a Kabul shrine to mark the Shiite holy day of Ashura. Times reporters said a suicide bomber hid among the crowd of worshipers. Many of the victims were women and children.
April 5, 2009 | MARK HEISLER
Hello, mother lode. Even for the Lakers, who have had as many stars as any NBA team, and as many clowns as Barnum & Bailey has climbing out of that little car, it was some week. Talk about images that will live forever, like Jerry West hitting that half-court shot, and Magic Johnson's junior, junior skyhook, and now . . . H-e-r-e's Andrew, partying at the Playboy mansion, with Playmate Nicole Narain on his shoulders!
August 18, 2003 | Samantha Dunn, Special to The Times
Nelida Willoughby took a hard look at herself in the mirror a year ago -- and what she saw hit her like a sledgehammer. "I couldn't believe that was me," says the 41-year-old Woodland Hills marketing executive. "It was a jolt seeing my reflection. I had to ask myself, 'How have I neglected myself to the point where I look like this now?' When I finally stepped out of the black hole, I said, 'I have to do something to be better.' Then, for me, the mirror had to disappear for a while."
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