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April 7, 1985
In interviewing Arkady N. Shevchenko about "the Soviets' complete disregard of the impartial nature of the U.N. Secretariat" (Book Review, March 10), Juliana Geran Pilon asks or says nothing regarding the issue of Shevchenko and the United States' own disregard in having him spy. Pilon and the right-wing Heritage Foundation have chided American U.N. employees for their impartiality ("Americans at the U.N.: An Endangered Species," Backgrounder 247, Feb. 14, 1983, Pages 14-16). Such double standards are characteristic of the "philosopher" Pilon and the Heritage Foundation's attitude and approach to the United Nations.
June 9, 2006 | Lance Pugmire, Times Staff Writer
Riverside County Superior Court Judge Bernard J. Schwartz was censured Thursday by the state Commission on Judicial Performance for statements he made to police during his arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol last year in Pismo Beach. The director of the commission said censure was the panel's most serious punishment short of being removed from the bench. Schwartz, 45, can continue to preside over criminal hearings.
June 17, 2013 | By James Rainey, Los Angeles Times
Edward Snowden may represent the archetypal leaker of the Internet age - a tech savant who justifies his civil disobedience as a righteous rebuttal to the big institutions he believes have intruded too far into ordinary people's lives. But it's not just the mole in the National Security Agency surveillance story who is operating in new channels. The reporters who brought his account forward also represent something distinct in journalism. In some cases, their profiles loom larger, particularly on the subject of security and spying, than those of their publications.
April 10, 2013 | By Joseph Serna and Louis Sahagun
An attorney for the man who was carjacked by former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner criticized guidelines the city is using to distribute a $1-million reward for his capture. In a letter sent to the LAPD's detective bureau Tuesday, an attorney representing Rick Heltebrake questioned the department's proposal to use a three-judge panel to determine who gets the reward for Dorner's capture and death, and questioned whether Heltebrake would get a fair shake. “Mr. Heltebrake is not opposed to the city's efforts to establish a procedure for the city to process and decide who is entitled to the reward,” wrote Allen Thomas, Heltebrake's attorney.
January 21, 2011 | By Tom Hamburger, Washington Bureau
A government watchdog group alleges that two of the Supreme Court's most conservative members had a conflict of interest when they considered a controversial case last year that permitted corporate funds to be used directly in political campaigns. Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas are the subjects of an unusual letter delivered Wednesday to the Justice Department by the nonpartisan group Common Cause. The letter asks the department to look into whether the jurists should have disqualified themselves from hearing the campaign finance case if they had participated in a private meeting sponsored by Charles and David Koch, billionaire philanthropists who fund conservative causes.
June 9, 2009 | Ken Ellingwood
The death toll from a fire at a day-care center rose to 44 on Monday, as authorities promised their investigation would be unaffected by family ties between a co-owner and the wife of President Felipe Calderon. Officials in the northern border state of Sonora said three more children had died as a result of Friday's fast-moving blaze, during which rescuers found only one working door. The episode has raised questions about official oversight of the preschool, known as ABC.
Questions have been raised about whether Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl F. Gates can fairly investigate allegations that Assistant Chief Robert L. Vernon's religious beliefs have improperly affected his professional judgment and operations of the Police Department.
January 1, 1990 | LEONARD GOLDSTEIN, Leonard Goldstein is the new presiding judge of the Orange County Superior Court. and
You can't rent a judge any more than you can buy one. Happily, in California you can't buy one either. What you can rent, or, more properly, retain because they are all professional services, is a mediator, arbitrator or facilitator. These services are invaluable to the community and especially to the court.
October 26, 1991 | From Associated Press
William Kennedy Smith's trial judge outlined on Friday how she will try to seat a jury for his highly publicized rape case. Circuit Judge Mary Lupo went over courtroom procedures with prosecutors and defense attorneys, discussing how to select an impartial six-person jury despite pretrial publicity caused by what she termed "the Kennedy family issue." Smith, 31, is a nephew of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.).
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