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December 3, 2004 | From Times Wire Reports
Vice President Dick Cheney will travel to Afghanistan to attend the inauguration Tuesday of Hamid Karzai as the Central Asian nation's first directly elected president. Cheney will also meet with Karzai and other government officials, and will thank U.S. and other troops serving there, the White House announced. The vice president will be accompanied by his wife, Lynne.
July 27, 2000 | From Times Wire Reports
Armored vehicles ringed Lima's historic center and police stopped buses in the Andean highlands as President Alberto Fujimori worked to thwart a huge protest planned for Friday, his inauguration day. Buses carrying thousands of Peruvians headed toward the capital to take part in the series of demonstrations due to peak when Fujimori takes his oath of office. Fujimori's inauguration will mark the beginning of his third five-year term.
Begin with television-savvy organizers and gleeful entertainment figures ecstatic about lending their talents to the ceremonies surrounding the first inauguration of a Democrat as President since 1977. Combine with cable television's need for programming, the increasing number of prime-time news programs and the technological advances that allow local stations to report from the scene of national stories.
August 7, 1990
The one-time campaign manager for a Colombian presidential candidate killed by drug traffickers takes over the office himself today, hoping to enlist more foreign aid in the continuing war against drugs. Cesar Gaviria of the Liberal Party assumes the presidency at a time when drug lords have declared a cease-fire, several leftist guerrilla groups are talking peace, and there is an agreement to reform Colombia's 104-year-old constitution. Nevertheless, violence continues.
December 21, 1988 | Associated Press
The inauguration of President-elect George Bush, billed as the most open inaugural celebration ever, is now open to contributors who want to give less than $100,000. The Presidential Inaugural Committee announced Tuesday that it has dropped a $100,000 minimum requirement covering private donations for inaugural activities ranging from galas to children's festivals. "The committee simply never anticipated the number of people or corporations that would want to participate . . . at various levels.
January 18, 1989 | From United Press International
Buttons, banners, T-shirts and George Bush trinkets from Texas chili to a $1,200 crystal eagle went on sale as the first "official" vending station for the nation's 50th inauguration opened Tuesday. "We've done a lot of buttons, some T-shirts, a lot of programs" of inauguration events, said Andrew Russell of Landover, Md., working the vending station at 14th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue along the route of Friday's inaugural parade.
May 20, 2008 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Nationalist Party leader Ma Ying-jeou took office as Taiwan's president today, promising to seek greater economic cooperation with rival China and ease decades of tensions. The inauguration of Ma, 57, represents a clear break from the eight-year presidency of Chen Shui-bian, whose confrontational pro-independence policies often led to friction with Beijing -- and with the U.S., Taiwan's most important foreign partner. Vice President Vincent Siew was sworn in shortly after Ma, together with Premier Liu Chao-shiuan and his Cabinet.
December 18, 2008 | ASSOCIATED PRESS
Nickelodeon TV, the children's network, is getting ready to cover its first presidential inauguration. After an unprecedented 2.2 million people voted in Nick's online election for kids, the network figured there was interest among its audience in Barack Obama's inauguration. Its young reporters, J.J. and Lily Collins, will be in Washington for the Jan. 20 event.
December 29, 1992 | BRUCE HOROVITZ
The television cameras zoom in on those Budweiser Clydesdales. You know, the giant draft horses that are about as familiar to Americans as beer symbols as, well, wooden kegs. Perhaps this sounds like a march down Main Street for a small-town New Year's Day fest. Guess again. We're talking the presidential inauguration. As they did in 1989, the Clydesdales will pull Budweiser's four-ton beer wagon--with the brewery's name etched across the side--down Pennsylvania Avenue on Jan. 20th.
January 6, 1987
The following is the text of Gov. George Deukmejian's second Inaugural Address: Reverend clergy, Mr. President Pro-Tem, Mr. Speaker, members of the Legislature, fellow constitutional officers, members of the judiciary, members of the Cabinet, and my fellow Californians. Four years ago, I stood before you and promised a common-sense government that listens to the people. Today, I am indeed honored to renew that pledge.
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