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Income Tax Forms

October 16, 1996 | ANNA CEKOLA
A Huntington Beach physician was sentenced to 21 months in federal prison and fined $40,000 Friday for filing false income tax returns. Dr. Nagesh Shetty, 51, owner and attending physician of Harbor Newport Medical Clinic in Costa Mesa, failed to report more than $400,000 in taxable income from 1987 to 1989, according to Assistant U.S. Atty. Kimberly Dunne, who prosecuted the case. The sentence by U.S. District Judge Gary L.
February 7, 1996 | DANIEL AKST
I can't imagine what the Internet is coming to when the Internal Revenue Service, of all people, turns up on the World Wide Web with one of the cooler Web sites I've run across in a while. Such is tax season in 1996. Nor is the IRS alone in offering tax help online. It turns out that income tax forms, tax advice and other tax-related material abound on the Internet as well as on all the major online services. You can even file your taxes electronically, although that's another story.
January 3, 1996 | Associated Press
Federal income tax forms should be arriving in taxpayers' mailboxes this week, the Internal Revenue Service said Tuesday. The mailing of the forms, which occurs every year at about this time, has not been affected by the partial government shutdown resulting from the budget impasse between President Clinton and Congress, spokesman Wilson Fadley said. An appropriations bill funding the Treasury Department and the IRS was signed into law by Clinton last month.
January 31, 1994 | From a commentary by Raoul Lowery Contreras in La Prensa San Diego, a weekly published Fridays
The Internal Revenue Service is experimenting with Spanish-language income tax forms in heavily Mexican American San Diego and Cuban American Miami in an effort to make it easier for people to pay their income taxes. There is resistance to the program, however. Some complain around these lines: "We shouldn't do anything to encourage people not to learn English"; "We shouldn't spend $100,000 on Spanish-language materials"; "English should be the only language of America."
December 21, 1993 | Associated Press
This year's federal income tax forms aren't due for delivery until after the first of the year, but random sightings are already being reported. Because millions of tax forms have to be delivered, the Internal Revenue Service ships them to local post offices in advance, marked for delivery at a specific date. The 1993 forms are due for delivery Jan. 3. But every year a few get delivered early, and this year is no exception.
December 29, 1992 | From Associated Press
Pity the poor letter carriers. Just as they empty their mail bags of holiday greeting cards and packages, Uncle Sam is about to fill their sacks with income tax forms. The Internal Revenue Service said Monday that more than 107 million federal income tax packages are due to go in the mail starting Saturday, but some may be sent earlier. But the IRS added that many letter carriers will find their loads lighter later in the year.
March 4, 1992 | KATHY M. KRISTOF
Anyone who has decided to forgo the lure of a professional tax preparer and fill out his or her own income tax forms this year might benefit from a tax guide or tax-filing software. Although IRS tax forms and instructions may be easier to read, tax law is more complicated, and Americans are likely to be doing more calculations and using more forms than ever before. For extra guidance and simplified examples, you might consider buying one of several of the tax guides that are available.
February 10, 1992 | STEPHANIE STASSEL
Low-income and elderly taxpayers can receive free help in preparing their income tax forms from a group of retired senior citizens in east Ventura County. Thirty-two trained volunteers from the Conejo Valley Retired Senior Volunteer Program have already helped about 100 people with federal and state tax forms since the annual project started last week, said Norm Glowienke, a retired Agoura Hills accountant who is coordinating the program.
For Southland residents still slogging through state income-tax forms 10 days before doomsday, Line 50 might be just a hazy blur in the race to the dotted line. But for almost 300 species of wildlife, including an endangered bird found in the wetlands of Seal Beach, Line 50 represents a virtual lifeline out of the black hole of eventual extinction.
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