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Independent Living Program

May 20, 1995 | ANTONIO OLIVO
Three Chatsworth residents, including a high school student who helps counsel troubled teen-agers, each were named "Citizen of the Year" by the Chatsworth Community Coordinating Council on Friday. Brother John Crowe, Lila Schepler and Charles Nguyen, a senior at Chatsworth High School, were lauded by the organization for their outstanding volunteer efforts in local community improvement projects.
February 23, 1994 | CONSTANCE SOMMER
Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist Susan Sheehan will be the featured speaker at the 11th annual Pulitzer Symposium on Monday at Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks. Sheehan, a staff writer for the New Yorker, won a Pulitzer in 1983 for the book "Is There No Place on Earth for Me?," her account of a schizophrenic patient's treatment at Creedmore Hospital in New York.
July 20, 1994 | PHYLLIS W. JORDAN
Not too many softball teams would be happy with a 17-10 loss. But the players on the Training for Independent Living team saw that score in a recent game as a victory. "It's really a pretty decent showing for our team," said Mary Engel, lead instructor in the program for developmentally disabled adults. "I've never seen anyone get bummed out about losing a game. They're out there every Monday night."
November 23, 1989 | BETTIJANE LEVINE
In 1989, the Earth trembled, skies poured, killer winds howled, tankers spilled and revolutions swept the globe. In Los Angeles, gang violence claimed yet more victims and traffic seemed to grow ever worse. Still, amid the tide of oft-tragic happenings, small rays of hope keep shining through. Here are a few of many stories worth sharing on a day of feasting, family and friends. They're enough to remind that it's still worth saying: "Oh, Thank Goodness."
Gently slipping one of the glasses out of their box, Chris traced her finger along the tiny pink flowers decorating its rim, the same design as on the new silverware and plates stacked nearby. "See?" the 17-year-old said. "They match." Chris plans to build a life with this tableware.
February 15, 1992 | TOM McQUEENEY
Residents with physical and developmental disabilities searching for affordable housing can learn about the various assistance programs available at a community forum Wednesday at City Hall. Housing specialists will talk about lower-cost, accessible housing available in Irvine and discuss the procedures needed to rent a unit, said Julie Anello of the city's disability services program.
July 9, 2003 | Denise M. Bonilla, Times Staff Writer
Growing up in group foster homes, Danielle Poland longed for someone to teach her how to be an adult. So when she was a teenager, she attended the Orangewood Children's Foundation's Independent Living Program to learn the finer points of adulthood: how to cook, do laundry, balance a checkbook. Not everything stuck. "I still don't know how to balance my checkbook," Poland said with a laugh. "I have to go online to check my balance all the time."
June 4, 1992 | CAITLIN ROTHER
A mentally disabled man who had been missing from his Ventura home for more than 40 hours was found Wednesday behind City Hall after he spent two nights in the hills nearby without food and medication. Anthony (Tony) Skinner, 30, who lives several blocks from City Hall in an apartment building on South Palm Street managed by the Assn. for Retarded Citizens, was found early Wednesday by a city employee.
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