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Industrial Design

January 31, 2013 | By Lisa Boone
When Bay Area designers Kevin McElroy and Matthew Wolpe of Just Fine Design/Build unveiled their mod chicken coop Chick-in-a-Box at a 2010 Maker Faire , they thought they were on to something. Chickens had moved from the farm to the backyard, after all, and coops had become popular design fodder for architects and artisans alike. But McElroy and Wolpe found little interest in their $1,200 handmade chicken coop, regardless of its post-and-beam-style composition or striking butterfly roof that doubles as a water catchment system.
March 18, 1990
Knoll International, a manufacturer of office furniture and equipment, has established the Knoll Resident in Design at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. The program will bring a distinguished designer to the college for 10 days a year for the next five years. The resident will teach classes, deliver speeches and work with faculty members.
September 15, 1997
Steve Montgomery, 44 Los Angeles I'm an industrial designer, a principal of my own company, BioDesign, and an instructor at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. My profession is to design things that are manufactured--sort of like an architect for products. My passion is to make life better for people by making technology safer, simpler, more accessible and even more fun. Industrial design started out as a marketing tool in the 1920s and '30s. The intent was to make things prettier.
February 12, 2012 | By Valerie J. Nelson, Los Angeles Times
Modernist architect Eugene Weston III was in his early 30s when he declared that "the house is the last of the handcrafted objects" in an industrial age. The year was 1956, and he argued in The Times that even a modest house could be "more beautiful and meaningful" if it was built with post-and-beam construction that opens up interiors and invites the outdoors in through walls of glass. A third-generation Los Angeles architect, Weston built a string of midcentury homes here before spending three decades with a San Diego firm known for such large-scale commissions as the Old Globe Theatre, San Diego Wild Animal Park and several major buildings at UC San Diego.
When Doug Patton and his 12-person design firm were chosen by Apple Computer Corp. to design a new kind of high-technology office, they ascended into industrial design heaven. Like other small industrial design consultants, Costa Mesa-based Patton Design makes its living improving the form and function of products ranging from computers to stereos to medical devices.
June 8, 1998 | CHARLES PILLER
Looking for unmistakable evidence that Apple has awoken from its long slumber to reclaim its identity? The most striking sign I've seen is the industrial design of the iMac, the new machine for the consumer and education market, due out in August. Innovative industrial design--a term that refers to how a machine's parts fit together but primarily denotes the look and feel of a device--has historically been one of the Mac's trademarks.
From a tractor in the field to a bagel slicer in the kitchen, the products we use at work and at home are increasingly designed with beauty as well as utility in mind. That is the emphasis in this year's awards of excellence announced recently by the Industrial Designers Society of America. Good design is emerging on its own in every possible product category, said jury chair Bill Stumpf, saluting the entries for their confidence and maturity.
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