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April 27, 1993 | JACK SEARLES
Commander Business Forms, a Ventura company that says it is the largest distributor of business forms in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, has purchased a Santa Barbara competitor, Information Plus. As a result of the merger, Information Plus' headquarters will be closed but Commander will expand its plant on Palma Drive in Ventura, reports Mark Johnson, Commander's president. He said he has leased an additional 800 square feet, enlarging the facility to 3,700 square feet.
August 14, 1994
The Big Bear Lake Resort Assn., which represents lodging, dining, recreation and visitors services, has established a telephone help line for visitors. Callers can obtain referrals to available accommodations, lists of activities and special events and general information, plus a free copy of the 1994 visitor's guide. The help line number is (909) 866-7000.
May 4, 1993 | JACK SEARLES
Sandra Taylor, a partner in Terramar Graphics, a Moorpark business forms distributor, takes issue with Commander Business Forms' claim in last week's column that Commander is the largest in its field in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. "We're just completing our first year in business and we've grossed nearly $5 million," Taylor said. "That's twice as much business as Commander has." Mark Johnson, president of Ventura-based Commander, estimates that his annual revenues will total $2.
October 3, 1998 | DEBRA CANO
The city's World Wide Web site has been improved to provide more on-line city documents, news and data and expanded sections. Under the redesign, announced by officials this week, computer users will find it easier to gain city information. Plus, city departments can improve their visibility, said Bret Colson, city spokesman.
March 7, 1991 | TONI TIPTON
The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program is a federally funded nutrition course designed to teach low-income women how to feed their families more nutritiously on a limited budget. EFNEP has been offered through the University of California Cooperative Extension Service for the past 22 years. Participants receive shopping and nutrition information, plus recipes for such dishes as beef stroganoff, cabbage supreme and baked enchiladas, to help stretch food dollars.
April 5, 2012 | By Catharine M. Hamm, Los Angeles Times Travel editor
If you're a Civil War buff or you're planning a trip to a Civil War site, a new  National Park Service website can help you. Even if you're not going anywhere, the website is fascinating to browse, from its lists of places to visit to its facts to the people who played major roles in the war. I'm not sure it's as popular as the recently released 1940 Census data that slowed traffic on that site to a crawl this week,...
January 26, 2007 | Stacy A. Anderson, Times Staff Writer
Maine on Thursday became the first state to officially decline to comply with the Real ID Act of 2005, the federal law that critics say lays the foundation for creation of a national identity card. Both houses of the state Legislature -- voting unanimously in the Senate and 137 to 4 in the House -- approved a resolution rejecting compliance with the act, which requires states to replace their driver's licenses by May 2008 with forgery-proof scannable cards embedded with private information.
August 19, 1988 | MARLENA DONOHUE
L.A. has grown familiar with the powerful conceptual work of Jeffrey Vallance and his sojourns to Iceland and the island of Tonga in the South Pacific. Now he presents his second installation of objects and collages made during a visit to the king of Tonga. From Vallance we learn that that 460-pound gentleman and scholar not only rules a happy, orderly island but is a lawyer, anthropologist, surfer and musician.
March 20, 1994 | LUCY IZON
This summer, more than 700 universities and colleges in the United States, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia will open their residence doors to travelers and provide lodging for $15 to $30 per night. The U.S. and Worldwide Travel Accommodations Guide lists campus lodgings in 31 countries, including London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Copenhagen and Jerusalem. A revised 1994 edition is now available.
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