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April 23, 1996
Barbara Marsh, in her article "Dueling HMO Initiatives Could Give Voters Headache" (April 12), has turned my comments around. I'd like to clarify. I said that, although people seemed tired of all the initiatives out there, when I offered them a chance to sign the petition to stop HMO abuses, most were very eager to sign it. Ms. Marsh also gives the impression that the proponents of these two initiatives are fighting against each other. I made it quite clear that although I believed the [California Nurses Assn.
October 18, 2002 | From Times Wire Reports
There won't be Las Vegas-style gambling in Eureka any time soon. An initiative to legalize casino gambling here didn't get enough signatures to qualify for the Nov. 5 ballot. The initiative would have amended the state Constitution to legalize gambling in this North Coast city for 28 years. Robert Wilson, the Studio City man leading the initiative drive, has tried several times in the past to legalize gambling in various cities in Northern California. The initiatives have all failed.
May 27, 1998 | JAMES FLANIGAN
Prosperity has returned at last to Southern California's economy. Now if only wisdom were to follow, we could be assured the region will fulfill its great potential in the years ahead. But the ballot initiatives for Tuesday's statewide primary election are characterized by argument and division, not wisdom. And that promises to reinforce a worrisome trend of bitter differences that constantly threatens progress in Southern California's economy.
December 14, 2003 | Daniel Yi, Times Staff Writer
There was a time when Steve Raganold couldn't name Garden Grove's five City Council members. But after spending his summer vacation fighting City Hall, the paramedic and father of two knows not only who they are but how to change their way of thinking. Raganold and scores of volunteers gathered thousands of petition signatures to force a citywide referendum on a housing project in Raganold's neighborhood.
September 25, 2001 | From Times Staff Reports
Backers of an anti-sprawl measure for Fillmore filed a second SOAR plan Monday they hope to qualify for the fall 2002 ballot. "Citizens of Fillmore deserve the right to vote on major development proposals . . . just like citizens in the rest of the cities in Ventura County," said Councilwoman Patti Walker, a principal backer. The city's first Save Open Space and Agricultural Resources measure lost last year when a rival, less-restrictive initiative split the vote, and both were defeated.
July 28, 2005 | From Times Wire Reports
The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday backed an initiative that would pay for voluntary preschool for all 4-year-olds in California. Chamber President Rusty Hammer said the measure, which would raise income taxes for the wealthiest Californians, "will significantly improve the quality of our workforce, our education system and our quality of life."
August 24, 2004 | From Times Wire Reports
Alaska's Supreme Court has resurrected a ballot initiative that would allow voters to abolish the governor's power to appoint a U.S. senator, a high-profile issue in Alaska since Republican Gov. Frank Murkowski named his daughter Lisa to the post in 2002. In a ruling released late Friday, the Supreme Court ordered the initiative back on the November ballot. Lisa Murkowski is likely to face a tight race in November against former Democratic Gov.
December 5, 2003 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
San Diego County voters will consider an initiative that could implement restrictive growth procedures in the backcountry. The Board of Supervisors voted Wednesday to put the Rural Lands Initiative on the March 2 ballot.
January 3, 1996
An Arcadia citizens group can begin collecting voter signatures for a ballot initiative to stop a proposed $100-million entertainment village at Santa Anita Park now that the the city clerk has determined that the measure's style and language comply with legal requirements. Once Neighbors for Arcadia publishes a notice of the initiative drive, it will have 180 days to collect about 3,900 registered voters' signatures to qualify the issue for a special election, City Clerk June Alford said.
October 11, 1997
Saying a proposed downtown sports arena is still not a good deal for Los Angeles, City Councilman Nate Holden said Friday he is considering launching his own initiative drive to give the public a chance to vote on the project. At a news conference, Holden blasted council colleague Joel Wachs for agreeing to a new financial deal with the developers, who own the Los Angeles Kings hockey team.
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