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June 24, 1989
Memphis State officials met with the NCAA Committee on Infractions in Kansas City to discuss allegations made against the Tiger football program. The hearing came nearly four months after the university received an inquiry from the NCAA. In its inquiry, the NCAA alleged: --Memphis State lineman James Macklin was paid excessively by booster Mark Benskin for work done in the summer of 1988. Macklin was allegedly paid about $10 an hour for running errands for Mark Benskin & Co. while others performing similar duties were paid about $5 an hour.
January 13, 1987
The Anglo-Irish brewing company announced the resignation of Olivier Roux, three days after the company's chairman stepped down in connection with a government inquiry investigating the firm's takeover last year of Scotch whisky maker Distillers. Roux, a 36-year-old Frenchman on assignment to the company from U.S. management consultants Bain & Co., resigned after meeting British government officials involved in the inquiry.
April 6, 1986 | From Reuters
The number of London police officers authorized to carry guns is to be reduced by about 750 after an inquiry into the accidental shooting of a civilian by a policeman, a spokesman said Friday. The spokesman said an inquiry into a 1983 shooting in which a bystander was wounded in a London street had recommended tougher selection procedures and more stringent training of officers carrying firearms.
December 11, 2003
Re "Governor Drops Plan for Groping Inquiry," Dec. 9: Now that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced that he won't be investigating himself to learn whether he groped any of the women who claim that he did, I think he should conduct another inquiry in which he asks himself whether he is conducting a cover-up of the original investigation. And to think that I voted against the guy; this is more fun than tiddlywinks. Jon Krampner Los Angeles
June 19, 2004 | From Reuters
The inquiry into a gift of Stradivarius instruments to the Smithsonian Institution took a dramatic turn this week when the donor, Herbert Axelrod, was arrested in Germany. The multimillionaire philanthropist had fled the United States in April for Cuba and was arrested Tuesday night in Berlin after taking a flight from Zurich.
April 12, 1987
For a biography of Frank Lloyd Wright, commissioned by Alfred A. Knopf, I would be most grateful to hear from anyone who may have known my subject personally or might have suggestions for avenues of inquiry, or memorabilia, letters, photographs, etc., that they might allow me to consult. MERYLE SECREST 10121 Burton Glen Drive Rockville, Md. 20850
June 9, 1989 | From Times wire service s
After more than eight months of waiting silently in the wings, Ben Johnson is ready to tell the story of how the world's fastest man fell from grace. The disgraced Canadian Olympic sprinter will begin testifying on Monday before a government inquiry into the use of drugs in sports. A nation that felt pride in his victories at the 1988 Seoul Olympics and then shame at his alleged use of banned steroids is expected to hang on his every word. The riveting issue is the sprinter's role in his downfall--did he knowingly take anabolic steroids and understand what they were for, or was he led astray by his own entourage?
April 1, 1985 | Associated Press
A police lieutenant said today that he ordered his men to fire on thousands of black marchers after one woman threw a single stone, justifying his action because "I believe my men and I would definitely be overrun and killed" if he had not. Nineteen people were killed in the confrontation March 21. Lt.
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