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Instant Coffee

July 28, 1985 | DOUG SMITH, Times Staff Writer
One youth wears a plaid wool shirt and a small clenched fist that dangles from a chain pinned to one ear. Another has a butch haircut and half a dozen crosses around his neck. A third wears baggy shorts and a white T-shirt. A little cholo, a little punk, a little surfer. Offbeat, mildly intimidating. When they want to be really intimidating, they switch to all punk. The boys belong to a gang, but not the usual gang. It's made up of white kids who grew up in suburban homes.
May 10, 1985
MJB Co. is a significant producer and distributor of roast and ground coffee and instant coffee with manufacturing plants in Union City, Calif., and Denver. The company, headquartered in San Francisco, employs 500 and also produces and distributes tea and rice products. Terms of the agreement were not available. Nestle is the holding company for Swiss-based Nestle S.A.'s food and beverage operations in the United States and Puerto Rico.
March 4, 2008 | From Times Wire Services
Procter & Gamble Co. raised prices on its Folgers and Dunkin' Donuts coffee brands by as much as 7%, citing soaring coffee bean prices. P&G said it would charge 20 cents more for Folgers ground coffee in 10 1/2 - and 13-ounce containers. Prices of Folgers instant coffee and Folgers Gourmet Selections will increase 5% and 3.5%, respectively, while bags of Dunkin' Donuts coffee will go up 6%. The increase on Folgers is the second since Feb. 11.
August 3, 1985 | From Reuters
Police have detained three men attempting to blackmail the Nestle food firm by poisoning instant coffee, the Austrian press agency APA said Friday. It quoted police as saying that the three had confessed to sending a can of Nestle coffee which had been injected with the poison natriumhydroxide to the firm's Vienna headquarters. In an accompanying note the men, all from Linz, threatened to inform the public about the poisoned can unless they were paid $1 million.
April 9, 1998 | A Times Staff Writer
Taster's Choice Instant Coffee's new advertising campaign won't build upon the company's serial romance campaign that ended last fall. Instead of a continuing story line that moves from commercial to commercial, the Nestle USA Beverage Division product will use special effects to create hundreds of separate vignettes that evolve into a single image of a Taster's Choice jar and a cup of coffee. The commercial that was created by McCann Erickson USA Inc.
August 12, 1986
Repeal the 22nd Amendment? You are jesting, right? The 22nd Amendment is one of our few protections in a country where anybody can become President, given the tendency of the American public to select Presidents the way they do dishwashers and brands of instant coffee--by preferring what looks best on television. This time we were lucky, it was only Ronald Reagan. I cannot think of a single President, including Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose third term would have been of overwhelming benefit to the nation.
September 6, 2009 | Times Staff and Wire Reports
Starbucks Corp., the world's largest coffeehouse operator, will expand its Via Ready Brew instant coffees to all stores in the U.S. and Canada starting Sept. 29. The instant blends were introduced in March in Seattle, Chicago and London as part of an effort to get a piece of the $21-billion soluble coffee market, the company said. The coffees are available in two varieties -- bold and medium -- and are sold in packs of three servings for $2.95 or 12 for $9.95. Instant coffee accounts for about 40% of all cups made globally, according to Starbucks.
August 16, 1998
Thank you for bringing Susan Spano to The Times. Honest and insightful, her column brings out the intrepid traveler in all us gals. I'd like to add two items to her list ("Luggage Lessons for Women," Her World, July 26): First is the inflatable neck pillow, indispensable for long overseas flights, especially for women of diminutive stature whose heads are in direct conflict with the airplane seat-back's contours. Second, Spano mentions bringing tea bags but admits to preferring coffee.
September 8, 1994 | From Associated Press
Coffee prices are rising again. Maxwell House Coffee Co. said Wednesday that it is boosting the price of its ground coffee by 6.8% and its instant coffee by 5.7% in response to recent increases in the cost of raw beans. Maxwell House now charges the same for a 13-ounce can of its flagship ground coffee--$3.16 wholesale--as Procter & Gamble charges for its Folgers ground coffee. Folgers, the best-selling coffee brand in the United States last year, posted an identical 20-cent-a-can hike Friday.
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