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January 21, 1992 | JOHN PENNER
The Ocean View School District board has scaled back a desegregation plan being implemented last fall, eliminating a magnet program that had been designed to attract white students to a predominantly Latino elementary school. The district revised its proposed plan because of a state Court of Appeal decision last June that relaxed racial desegregation requirements for schools.
Federal officials Thursday moved four black families into an all-white public housing complex in Vidor, Tex., that had been seized by the government when an earlier integration attempt failed. Police stood guard as three moving vans and at least three carloads of black motorists drove up to the 74-unit complex. Housing and Urban Development officials said four families--two single women with children, one single woman and one single man--moved into the complex before dawn.
July 26, 2010 | Wire reports
Baltimore Orioles first baseman Ty Wigginton began serving his suspension Monday night after Major League Baseball agreed to shorten his ban from three games to two. Wigginton was suspended for his actions in the seventh inning of the Orioles' 5-0 loss to the Minnesota Twins on Thursday. The veteran got in the face of first base umpire Gary Darling , who ruled that Wigginton had missed a tag, allowing J.J. Hardy to get back to first safely and causing Wigginton to erupt.
March 21, 1987
Calvin E. Gross, who spent two controversial years as superintendent of schools in New York City, has died at his home in San Antonio, Tex., where he had been superintendent of a nearby school district. His brother, Kenneth Gross of Solana Beach, Calif., said the nationally known educator was 67 and died Saturday of leukemia. Gross' tenure in New York City (1963-65) was marked by struggles toward integration.
June 29, 2007 | Howard Blume and Mitchell Landsberg, Times Staff Writers
Legal experts were split on what effect Thursday's Supreme Court ruling will ultimately have on integration efforts in the Los Angeles Unified School District -- including the district's popular magnet school program. District officials said Thursday that they believe they are insulated by a court order that places them beyond the reach of the high court decision, but opponents of L.A.'
July 4, 2007 | From Reuters
African leaders have pledged to speed up the economic and political integration of their continent to pursue the goal of a United States of Africa, but they also agreed to take six more months to study the implications and timing of the proposed creation of a federated African state stretching from the Cape to Cairo. The decision, announced close to midnight Tuesday, came after three days of often heated debate at an African Union summit in Accra, the Ghanaian capital.
March 21, 1991 | JOHN PENNER
The Ocean View School District's plans to rearrange several of its schools have been put on hold for at least two months while officials await word from the federal government about the district's desegregation plans. As a result, the plans--which are expected to close at least two schools, create four middle schools and change school boundaries districtwide--will not be implemented before September, 1992, Supt. Monte McMurray said.
September 20, 2001 | JANA J. MONJI, SPECIAL TO THE TIMES
One man hopes his baseball team will be as good as last season, becoming the first three-peater of the Negro League. Other men see this as their last year in a second-class league. In Christopher Moore's "The Last Season" at Stage 52, members of the Montgomery Black Kings team witness the quick disintegration of their following and prestige as their fans turn toward Jackie Robinson's recent integration into the Brooklyn Dodgers.
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