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International Museum Of Muslim Cultures

October 7, 2013 | By Meredith Blake
Fox News host Anna Kooiman has apologized for falsely reporting that President Obama would personally pay to keep the International Museum of Muslim Cultures open during the government shutdown . The "oops" moment occurred Saturday on "Fox and Friends Weekend" during a conversation among Kooiman, Tucker Carlson and Clayton Morris about the controversial decision to temporarily close the World War II Memorial -- along with many other...
January 3, 2007 | Kathy Hanrahan, Associated Press
This mid-sized Southern city, with its thriving Baptist, Methodist and Catholic churches, may seem an unlikely home for one of the only museums in the United States devoted entirely to Muslim culture. Still, the International Museum of Muslim Cultures opened in April 2001, an attempt by organizers to educate their churchgoing neighbors about a faith that many viewed as mysterious, possibly violent.
January 6, 2003 | Ken Ellingwood, Times Staff Writer
The timing, it seemed, couldn't have been worse. It was the summer of 2001, and the organizers of an exhibit about Islam were weighing whether to turn it into a permanent museum. The temporary display had drawn well enough to encourage museum boosters to think bigger. Then came Sept. 11 -- and eruptions of bias against Muslims nationwide.
December 14, 2003 | John-Thor Dahlburg, Times Staff Writer
One day this fall, flags at offices and businesses throughout Mississippi's capital were solemnly lowered as a sign of mourning and respect. Thalia Mara, 92, had died after a month in declining health. The city gave its leading devotee of dance a close approximation of a state funeral. For an afternoon, Mara's shiny, closed wooden casket was put on view in the performing arts hall that bears her name, flanked by honor guards from the city's police and fire departments.
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