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International Waters

January 1, 1986 | United Press International
A Soviet intelligence gathering ship was monitored maneuvering off Pearl Harbor Tuesday, the Navy said. The Soviet vessel Primorye was in international waters about 30 miles west of the harbor entrance, a spokesman for the U.S. 3rd Fleet said. The ship's specific mission was not known.
October 11, 2012 | Gale Holland, Los Angeles Times
I was drinking at King Eddy's, the skid row dive that's being made over into a hipster bar, when I overheard people say that a web of old bootlegger tunnels lay under downtown. A labyrinth, running from the old speakeasy beneath King Eddy's to Pershing Square and points beyond - even San Pedro? They had me at "tunnel. " I had to know more. The Los Angeles Department of Public Works didn't know about the tunnels. Map librarian Glen Creason of the Central Library told me that they were never mapped, for obvious reasons.
July 16, 1988 | Associated Press
Iranian speedboats attacked a tanker Friday that passed within five miles of the Iran's military stronghold of Farsi Island, but the ship escaped with minor damage as an American missile frigate raced to its aid. "No assistance was required" when the Robert G. Bradley reached the 85,989-ton Sea Victory, a Liberian-registered tanker, in international waters, a U.S. Navy spokesman said. U.S.
November 22, 1985 | Associated Press
A Soviet minesweeper fired three warning shots across the bow of a Japanese fishing boat that accidentally brushed against it in international waters, a Maritime Safety Agency spokesman said early today. No one was injured. The spokesman said the shots were fired across the bow of the 8.5-ton fishing boat, which carried three crewmen.
January 9, 1987 | United Press International
The battleship Iowa and two other warships headed today for the coast of Central America where they will engage in routine training operations in international waters, the Navy said. Joining the Norfolk-based battleship were the guided-missile cruiser Yorktown, also from Norfolk, and the destroyer Deyo, based in Charleston, S.C. "The deployment will demonstrate U.S. interests in the Central American region," Chief Petty Officer Joseph Mowery, a Navy spokesman, said.
January 21, 2005 | From Times Wire Reports
North Korea allowed a South Korean police ship to pass through its waters on a rescue mission for 14 missing crewmen after a cargo vessel sank. It was the first time the North had given such permission. The South Korean ship Pioneer sank in international waters about 185 miles off North Korea's eastern coast. Four of the ship's 18 crewmen were rescued, but the others remained missing.
January 19, 1992 | Reuters
Coast Guard officers called to rescue 28 crew members from a burning ship arrested them all on drug charges after finding 4.5 tons of cocaine on board, authorities said Friday. Coast Guard spokesman Jim Howe said the officers found the cocaine on board the Panamanian-registered Harbour in international waters on Jan. 7 after they boarded the vessel to deal with flooding caused by firefighting efforts.
January 28, 1988 | Associated Press
A Coast Guard cutter preparing to put a boarding party on a Haitian boat was rammed by the vessel in international waters off the eastern Bahamas, a Coast Guard spokesmen said. No one was injured, and the cutter Valiant was not damaged in the incident Tuesday night, but the Haitian boat sank and its nine crew members had to be rescued.
October 6, 2001 | From Times Wire Reports
Greece warned illegal immigrants that its borders would remain closed to them, as a cargo ship carrying hundreds of refugees sat for a third day in international waters off the Greek coast. The cargo ship, thought to be carrying 300 to 400 illegal immigrants, was being shadowed by a Greek navy ship and several coast guard vessels south of the Peloponnesian peninsula. The Merchant Marine Ministry said there had been no communication with those on board.
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