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November 19, 2013 | By Andrea Chang
Here's an early holiday gift: If you trade in your working iPhone or iPad, Best Buy will give you a guaranteed minimum $100 store gift card now through Saturday. Customers will receive the gift card if they trade in their working iPhone 5, iPhone 4s or iPhone 4 and purchase the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c with a two-year contract. The iPad offer is less restrictive: Customers will receive a minimum $100 Best Buy gift card when they trade in any working iPad. Customers can trade in their devices at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile specialty stores.
November 14, 2013 | By Howard Blume
The eighth-graders in Stephanie McGurk's class at Ocean Charter School began a recent day as they usually do: reciting a verse celebrating nature. Next, they played scales on recorders as they sat in a classroom furnished with wood furniture, lamps, wicker baskets, artwork and plants. Then McGurk did something incongruous in a school that avoids plastic toys, let alone technology: She handed each student an iPad. By chance, Ocean Charter, a Westside school based on the Waldorf educational philosophy, became part of the much-debated $1-billion effort to provide an iPad to every student and teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District.
November 13, 2013
Join Times staff writer Howard Blume for an L.A. Now Live discussion at 9 a.m. about L.A. Unified's ideas to move forward with a trimmed-down iPad plan. The iPads have been highly controversial and the latest news - that the Board of Education agreed Tuesday to move ahead with a modified version of the project - will significantly affect students, faculty and parents. Blume reported  that during a heated debate over the $1-billion project, board members raised numerous concerns, including whether the contract with Apple should be reconsidered and whether high schools should be provided laptops instead of tablets.
November 12, 2013 | By The Times editorial board
The Los Angeles Unified school board members were conspicuously courteous to the administration staff and to one another at last week's meeting, their first since the hullabaloo over Supt. John Deasy's resignation threat. The board and Deasy smoothed that one over, but it was clear that the new, less reform-oriented board majority would have to address its tendency to micromanage and obstruct the administration. Last week was the first public test of whether the board could change.
November 12, 2013 | By Howard Blume
School district officials on Tuesday will consider conflicting proposals for the future of a $1-billion effort to provide iPads to every Los Angeles student. One proposal, if passed, could slow down and even curtail the rollout. The tablet project has come under increased scrutiny over early problems and questions about the contract between the L.A. Unified School District and Apple, maker of the iPad. A proposal by board member Monica Ratliff would result in the most sweeping changes.
November 12, 2013 | By Chris O'Brien
In a surprise move, Apple announced Tuesday that the iPad mini 2 with a retina display is now available for purchase.  However, the device is only available for order through Apple's online store, not its retail stores. Apple's website says, depending on the model, it will be shipped anywhere from one to 10 business days. The device can be shipped to your home or for pickup at an Apple Store.  PHOTOS: Google barge to be 'unprecedented artistic structure' The second generation of Apple's smaller iPad was unveiled at an event last month in San Francisco, along with the larger iPad Air. While the iPad Air went on sale in early November and drew the customary lines of fans at stores, the company had been vague about when the iPad mini would go on sale.  Until recently, the company had said "sometime in November," and speculation put the sale date closer to Thanksgiving and the holiday shopping season.  While it appears the iPad Air, the fifth generation of the larger tablet, is off to a strong start, Apple has not disclosed official sales figures.  But since the introduction of the iPad mini last year, the smaller device has become the more popular choice between the two sizes for consumers.
November 12, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Not sure what gift to get your teens these holidays? A new survey says the iPhone is the most popular choice. Nearly 90% of teens said they want an electronic gift this year, and the most popular electronic choice is the iPhone, according to a survey conducted by, an online cash-back shopping and coupons website. Nearly one-third of all teens surveyed said they want an iPhone this year, and 24% said they want an Apple iPad. The third-most popular gift was the PlayStation 4, with 20% of teens saying they want the new Sony video game console.
November 5, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez
The iPad Air has gotten off to a fast start, and that could mean that it may be an "iPad Christmas" after all. Apple CEO Tim Cook made that bold statement during an earnings call late last month, essentially saying the company was expecting large sales from its new iPad, and it seems he may be right. Mobile app marketing tech firm Fiksu said that apps that use its platform are detecting nearly five times as many iPad Air devices three days after the tablet went on sale as they did when the fourth-generation iPad launched last year.
November 5, 2013 | By Howard Blume
A $1-billion plan to put an iPad into the hands of every Los Angeles student and teacher could prove difficult to sustain financially after about three years, based on figures provided by the L.A. Unified School District. The district's analysis, which describes future funding options, will be a subject of discussion during a special Board of Education meeting Tuesday morning at district headquarters. The school board is scheduled to vote in December on final approval for the project.
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