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Iraq War

April 21, 2005
Re "Young Activist's Life Cut Short in Iraq Blast," April 18: I shed tears for activist Marla Ruzicka, who lost her life trying to help the innocent victims of the war in Iraq. She was not a soldier or a member of a religious group. She felt a need to help the people in Iraq. She started her own organization: Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict, or CIVIC. She inspired Congress to appropriate $17.5 million to aid Afghanistan and Iraq. There should be a special medal for people like Ruzicka, who give their lives to help others and expect nothing in return.
October 22, 2006 | Chuck Neubauer and Julian Barnes, Times Staff Writers
President Bush met with top generals and national security advisors Saturday to review the situation in Iraq, as pressure grows from Republican and Democratic leaders for a new approach in handling the war.
February 8, 2004 | Jeffrey Fleishman, Times Staff Writer
Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld pugnaciously defended the war in Iraq to his harshest critics during a European security conference Saturday that was intended to ease diplomatic tensions over Washington's policy in the Middle East. European leaders and Rumsfeld spoke eloquently of reconciliation but their overall tenor underscored the differences still existing between them over the Iraq invasion and how to handle future threats against world order.
January 11, 2006 | Elizabeth Mehren, Times Staff Writer
Athletes put themselves on the line to win their games, Jill Carroll wrote in an essay last spring. The freelance foreign correspondent risks everything, she wrote, "for love of the story." Carroll, 28, was working as a contributor for the Christian Science Monitor when she was abducted at gunpoint last weekend in Baghdad. U.S. and Iraqi authorities continued to search for her Tuesday. Carroll was seized by gunmen Saturday while reporting on efforts by Iraqi politicians to form a new government.
December 24, 2002
"Bush Has Presented No Evidence to Launch a War" (Dec. 20) contains letters from the antiwar crowd and not one letter from the majority who think that a war might be justified to prevent a madman from creating nuclear blackmail, or worse. It's not up to President Bush to prove that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, it's up to Saddam Hussein to prove it doesn't. Is no one writing about the possibility that if we do overthrow the Hussein regime there would be dancing in the streets of Baghdad, like there was in Kabul this year, in Kuwait 10 years ago and in Paris in 1945?
January 25, 2007 | Kim Murphy, Times Staff Writer
Prime Minister Tony Blair rejected calls Wednesday to withdraw British forces from Iraq by October, then dodged a blistering debate in Parliament in which there was almost unanimous condemnation of the war and little optimism for a U.S. plan to boost its troop presence in Baghdad. Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett suggested that British troops might complete the transfer of security responsibilities in southern Iraq to the Iraqi government by November.
October 6, 2007 | Tomas Alex Tizon, Times Staff Writer
seattle -- A federal judge on Friday granted a delay in the court-martial of Army 1st Lt. Ehren Watada, whose retrial for refusing deployment to Iraq was scheduled to begin Tuesday at Ft. Lewis. Watada's supporters said the move by U.S. District Judge Benjamin H. Settle signaled the possibility that he might cancel the military trial altogether, ending a legal battle that began 16 months ago.
November 21, 2003
Re "The Congress Shares Responsibility for War," Commentary, Nov. 19: Though the Constitution provides that only Congress can issue a declaration of war, I submit that in this case Congress is completely and thoroughly irrelevant. The Republicans must all submit to the will of their neoconservative masters while the Democrats have long ago been emasculated. The real issue is where were we when the war drums were pounding? We the people knew, long before the war began, that the yellowcake uranium from Niger was a hoax; it was in all the papers.
March 20, 2007 | PAUL BROWNFIELD
THE movie "Live From Baghdad" was on one of my HBOs the other night; I came in midstream, as a motley, intrepid band of CNN-ers (played by Michael Keaton and Lili Tayor and an alt-rock-looking Helena Bonham Carter) were deciding whether to stay in Baghdad for the first bombing campaign of the Gulf War. They did, of course, and got the live feed when no one else did, minting CNN as an upstart major news source.
January 24, 2007 | Steve Lopez
The day I met with two Iraq war vets at a Hollywood theater was even bloodier than most in Iraq. Two car bombs at a market killed 88 Iraqis Monday and wounded 168. Between Friday and Monday, 30 American troops were also killed. Sean Huze, a vet, actor and playwright, can't help himself. He keeps checking the Internet for the latest, and every time he does, he sees the troop casualty count rise.
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