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April 15, 2013 | By Ned Parker
BEIRUT -- A string of bombings in Iraq claimed the lives of more than 30 people Monday in the run-up to provincial elections scheduled for this weekend. The attacks, which left dozens wounded, took place around the country, including in Baghdad; the southern city of Nasiriya; and in the northern cities of Kirkuk, Tuz Khurmatu, Samarra and Mosul. The blasts followed the assassinations over the weekend of two Sunni Muslim candidates for provincial elections. The deadliest attacks occurred in Baghdad, where security sources said 21 people were killed, including three in a major security breach when a pair of car bombs exploded by the heavily patrolled entrance to Baghdad International Airport.
April 3, 1991
Saddam still lives! But why? FABIAN C. GRAVO Fullerton
September 27, 2000
Re "Russian Plane Lands in Iraq Without U.N. OK," Sept. 24: What bothers me about the French and Russian planes landing in Iraq is not the humanitarian aid they may be bringing in. It's the fact that these same planes have to fly out of Iraq. What are they carrying? BOB FOSTER Los Angeles
April 29, 2005
In my humble opinion, Iraq is no better off now than it was under the rule of Saddam Hussein, and haven't we killed as many innocent civilians as he did? Mary Overbey Palos Verdes Estates
December 6, 1990
Assuming Charles Krauthammer's assertion that war with Iraq is justified ("Why Go After Hussein? It's Easy as A-B-C," Column Right, Commentary, Nov. 26), I ask the old question: What price victory? Once Saddam Hussein is out and his military machine is destroyed, what do we do? We could occupy Iraq and police its 50 million inhabitants for an indefinite period of time; we could attempt to reconstruct the Iraqi economic and social systems in a Western/Christian mold; we could abandon the defeated Iraqis to their fate or we could partition Iraq among its neighbors: the Iranians, Turks and Syrians.
March 11, 1999
After reading "Iraq Bolder but 'Top Guns' Still Lucky" (March 6), it appears we learned nothing from Korea or Vietnam. Either take out every Iraq missile site or bring the troops home. We should stop playing chess with our pilots' lives. ROBERT J. DEPEW Rolling Hills Estates The article notes that "U.S. officials insist that Hussein is paying a high price for his continued defiance." Are the bombs really all falling on the president of Iraq? I doubt it. Please stop pretending that there is only one Iraqi, Saddam Hussein.
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