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Irvine Residents

December 23, 2001
Being over 30 isn't old, but even then age can begin to show. A certain shabbiness can start to set in. That's why in January, after another new year tolls in, Irvine is scheduled to consider ways to stop the aging process seen at some of the community's earliest structures and neighborhoods to prevent them from becoming run-down. Some of those neighborhoods, like upscale Turtle Rock, even preceded the city's incorporation on Dec. 28, 1971.
May 6, 1987 | MARY ANN GALANTE, Times Staff Writer
The Irvine Co. unveiled its latest five-year plan for retail development Tuesday, announcing an aggressive strategy to overtake rival C. J. Segerstrom & Sons--owners of South Coast Plaza. Under its latest projections, the Irvine Co. plans to build 16 new retail projects and make additions to existing centers that would give it a total of 5.9 million square feet of retail space in the county. By contrast, Segerstrom has 2.9 million square feet of retail space. The Irvine Co.'
October 29, 1995 | LARRY AGRAN and STEPHEN C. SMITH, Larry Agran is executive director and general counsel of CityVote, and former mayor of Irvine. Stephen C. Smith is a public policy consultant and a former Irvine budget analyst
Irvine residents should take a special pride in UC Irvine scientist Sherwood Rowland's winning the Nobel Prize for chemistry. Not only is Rowland one of their own, but their city government played a seminal role in drawing global attention to the environmental hazards caused by chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which he discovered 20 years ago. In 1989, long before saving the ozone layer became fashionable, Irvine became the first city in the world to adopt an ordinance restricting the release of CFCs into the atmosphere.
August 4, 1985
There are really two issues involved in the current flap in Irvine over a residents' initiative that would require a citywide vote on any new taxes or fees for building roads and freeways through the city. One issue is whether three proposed transportation corridors that would run through Irvine should be built and, if so, how they should be routed, designed and paid for. That's important and must be resolved.
June 9, 1990 | HERBERT J. VIDA
Irvine resident Carolyn D. Beaver, who was the first female graduate of Cal Poly Pomona to became a Big Eight accounting firm partner, was named 1990 Distinguished Alumnus from the Cal Poly Pomona College of Business Administration. A 1978 graduate, Beaver took only nine years to reach that goal after working as an accounting professional for the firm of KPMG Peat Marwick.
April 30, 1990 | WENDY PAULSON
Residents of the city's 45,000 homes soon will be receiving cards with instructions for emergency evacuations. The laminated cards were developed primarily to provide city residents with the address of the nearest evacuation site in the event of an earthquake, according to a report by emergency management coordinator Frances Winslow. Currently, only residents moving into new homes receive local emergency information, in a booklet that is distributed by developers.
July 6, 1995 | RUSS LOAR
Some homeowners say that plans for construction of 17 large two-story houses are out of character with their 20-year-old Parkside neighborhood and could significantly lower property values. Standard Pacific Co. is seeking a zoning change to construct the houses on a 3.2-acre lot at University Drive and Yale Avenue. The property, owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is zoned for institutional use. When the property was sold by the Irvine Co.
February 7, 1994 | SHELBY GRAD
Residents seeking to block the development of the Palace Park amusement complex on Harvard Avenue on Tuesday will again take their case to the City Council. The move comes as opponents continue to raise money and seek community support for their fight against the project. Councilwoman Christina L. Shea said she placed the item on Tuesday's agenda "to help create a forum for constructive discussions between the residents" and the San Francisco-based developer.
April 8, 1991 | TOM McQUEENEY
A proposed law aimed at getting businesses to reduce the number of car trips by their employees will go before the public several times this week at City Hall. Five public meetings have been scheduled today through Wednesday to let residents and business owners in the city hear about and discuss the merits of the proposed law.
October 19, 1993 | SHELBY GRAD
Autumn has brought more than falling leaves to the neatly trimmed lawns of the Woodbridge village. To the dismay of some unsuspecting residents, Dimension Cable is installing metal boxes as tall as three feet along the grassy city-controlled easements in front of many homes. "They didn't let us know what was happening," said resident Duffy Riebe, a local real estate agent. "People would go to work, and when they'd come home, the box would just be there. . . . There was no warning."
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