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Islamic Law

June 11, 1989 | From Associated Press
A lower court on Saturday convicted six people of adultery and sentenced them to death by stoning under an Islamic law. It was the first such ruling since Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto came to power in December. Bhutto has pledged to press for repeal of the Islamic law, which imposes harsh punishment for moral offenses and limits women's rights. The court convicted Ghulam Qadir Sher and Noor Khatoon of marrying illegally because Khatoon failed to secure a proper divorce from her previous husband.
April 15, 1989 | From Reuters
Two brothers convicted of murder have been beheaded in Saudi Arabia after spending the past 19 years in jail, local newspapers reported Friday. The brothers were jailed until the son of the man they killed came of age to decide if he wanted compensation or execution under the strict rules of Sharia (Islamic law).
March 2, 1991
I agree with Kenny that women should not be leaving their children to serve in the armed forces. A mother's love and care for her children cannot be replaced by others. I strongly disagree with her interpretation of Islamic law. According to Islamic law, and not the law of any ruler in the Middle East or elsewhere, the human rights of any prisoner of war, man or woman, would be upheld. Human life and human rights are as precious to Muslims as they are to all humanity. Making erroneous statements about the status of women in Islam, or Islam in particular, continues to create misunderstanding and hostility between the cultures of the East and West.
July 27, 2009 | Times Wire Reports
Gaza's top judge said he had ordered female lawyers to wear head scarves when they appear in court, the latest sign that the Islamic militant group Hamas is increasingly imposing its strict interpretation of Islamic law on residents of the coastal strip. Supreme Court Chief Justice Abdul-Raouf Halabi said female lawyers would be required to wear head scarves and long, dark cloaks under their billowing black robes when the court returns from its summer recess in September. Halabi said his order was designed to ensure that women dress in accordance with Islamic law, which requires that women cover up in public, wearing loose garments and showing only their hands and faces.
September 24, 1987 | From Reuters
Five Muslim fundamentalists smashed windows in a Christian bookshop on Wednesday and were about to pour gasoline on books and set them afire when bystanders stopped them, police said. The fundamentalists escaped. Last Friday, another Christian bookshop in Asyut was damaged and its guard beaten up. Police arrested three medical students and were seeking five more in that attack. Egypt's fundamentalists want their predominantly Muslim country ruled by Islamic law.
December 2, 2006 | From Times Wire Reports
President Gen. Pervez Musharraf signed into law an amendment to the country's controversial rape statute to make it easier to prosecute sexual assault cases, despite nationwide protests by hard-line Islamists. Rights activists have long condemned Pakistan's old rape law for punishing -- instead of protecting -- rape victims while providing legal safeguards for their attackers. Under the change, judges can choose whether a rape case should be tried in a criminal court or under Islamic law.
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