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May 11, 2008 | From Times Wire Reports
Dozens of suspected Islamic insurgents ambushed a military convoy transporting bodyguards for the interior and finance ministers, killing four soldiers, police said. In Mogadishu, a gunfight between Islamic militias and Ethiopian troops left two civilians dead, witnesses said. The two attacks capped a week of some of the worst violence in Somalia in recent months. At least 38 people died in three days of attacks by suspected Islamic insurgents.
March 11, 2010 | By Bob Drogin and Jenna Portnoy
Colleen R. LaRose, the strawberry-haired suburban woman who is accused of volunteering for a terrorist plot in Europe, appeared to live a double life. Her MySpace page is registered under "JihadJane." In the profile photo, only her mascara-caked eyes and thin arching eyebrows are visible behind a jet-black burka that covers her face and head. She listed Islam as her religion, and "Palestine, Iraq, Chechna, Afghanistan," all sites of armed Islamic resistance, as her occupation.
December 27, 1999
The Islamic community in Long Beach would like to thank you for your articles about Ramadan. You really brought joy to our hearts. --ASEM ABUSIR Via e-mail
December 28, 2006
Re "Tick, tick, tick," editorial, Dec. 26 Somalia is an event waiting to explode, and it may ignite World War III. Because Somalia juts into the Gulf of Aden, any government that controls this country also controls the flow of oil to the Western world. If a bellicose, fundamentalist Islamic regime gets control of Somalia, the oil that fuels the American economy and military will be shifted to the pan-Islamic fascist movement led by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. What is happening in Somalia needs to be taken seriously and not dismissed as just another incident of Yankee imperialism.
February 16, 1988 | From Reuters
Afghanistan's Foreign Minister Abdul Wakil arrived from Damascus, Syria, on Monday on a tour of Islamic countries to brief officials on recent developments in his country including Moscow's announcement last week on troop withdrawals, the state-run news agency Petra said.
February 24, 2004
Re "Iran Hard-Liners Win More Seats With Fewer Voters," Feb. 22: As the Iranian people successfully boycotted the sham elections last week, this victory begins a new chapter in their history. What is happening in Iran today is a post-Islamic renaissance signifying the end of an era consumed with the notion of "political Islam" and "Islamic democracy" and the dawn of an era defined by individual liberties, social freedoms and secular democracy, with the spread of these ideals in the region as its logical consequence.
July 31, 2001 | From Times Wire Reports
A Cairo court threw out a petition by an Islamist lawyer who sought to forcibly divorce outspoken feminist Nawal Saadawi, 70, from her Muslim husband on the grounds that she had abandoned her Islamic faith. The court ruled as expected that no individual could petition a court to forcibly divorce another person. It said such cases must be raised by a state prosecutor.
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