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April 5, 1987 | MARTIE STERLING, Sterling is an Aspen, Colo., free-lance writer.
For 10 storm-tossed years Ulysses searched Greece's Ionian Sea and elsewhere for home. Today you can savor those Odyssey isles in two sun-kissed weeks. Best of all, you'll bypass major European airports and possible trouble spots to get here. Any number of British sailing outfits will charter-fly you from London's Gatwick Airport (it's included in the package price) to a small well-guarded Greek military airport. From there you sail off on your Ionian adventure.
June 9, 1989 | CHARLES HILLINGER, Times Staff Writer
John (Corky) Farley, the sole human resident of this island 45 miles west of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, said, "I have 100 to 150 house guests all the time. Some of them walk across my face in the middle of the night." His guests are "deer mice native to the island, the size of an ordinary house mouse. I live-trap them and take them outside, but as fast as I get rid of them, others move in. No way can I make this old place mouseproof." Farley, 36, is the National Park Service ranger here, which makes him curator of the smallest island--1 1/2 miles long, three-quarters of a mile wide--in the Channel Islands National Park off the Southern California coast.
March 2, 1997 | JOANNE CLEAVER, Cleaver is a freelance writer based in Wilmette, Ill
Rain forested Dunk Island was just two miles across the impossibly blue water. We'd already flown 22 hours over the Pacific to Australia; two hours more by plane from Sydney to Cairns, on the coast of Queensland; then two more hours south by bumpy minivan to get to a point called Mission Beach on the continent's eastern shore. But how were we going to manage this last leg?
October 16, 2005 | ROSEMARY McCLURE
Got stress? Maybe you need to spend a little time on your own treasured island. Sir Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Atlantic Airways, happily shares Necker Island, his northern Caribbean sanctuary, with renters who can pay at least $100,000 for a five-night stay. Or you can spend a few nights at Cayo Espanto in the turquoise waters off the coast of Belize, said to be a favorite of Tiger Woods, for a mere $1,095 per night.
July 24, 2007 | Dave McKibben, Times Staff Writer
A Costa Mesa community college that was given a craggy British Columbia island has agreed to sell the property to an unnamed Vancouver man for $2.4 million, school officials said Monday. Orange Coast College had hoped to transform the ecologically delicate Rabbit Island into a field research station, but the school's foundation deemed the 36-acre swath too costly to maintain. "We're very pleased," said Jim Carnett, a college spokesman. "It really hasn't been on the market that long."
February 21, 1999 | JOHN G. THOMAS, John G. Thomas is a freelance writer who lives in Northridge
When I was a teenager more than 30 years ago, I went to Bimini for the first time with Gregory Hemingway, one of Ernest's sons, who was my brother-in-law. Although Ernest Hemingway often fished in Key West and Cuba in the '40s and '50s, another of his favorite spots was the waters off this pair of small islands in the Bahamas. Greg was a serious fisherman, and he showed me how to bait hooks, just as his father had taught him. On that trip Bimini became a magical place for me.
March 19, 2000 | CRAIG STOLTZ, WASHINGTON POST; Craig Stoltz is the travel editor of the Post
I'd never given much thought to the term "desert island" until I visited Aruba. Its arid, rumpled landscape bristles with long-armed cactuses, aloe plants and sad, spindly divi-divi trees bent low by the persistent winds. The key features of the interior of this Caribbean island are gigantic rock piles inhabited by wild goats, the remains of gold-mining operations, a few caves with ancient inscriptions and a massive stub of magnetic rock.
March 5, 2004 | Holly J. Wolcott, Times Staff Writer
SANTA CRUZ ISLAND -- Minutes after federal officials announced Thursday that the animal would be protected under the Endangered Species Act, a baby Channel Islands fox scampered across its pen, flopped onto a small hammock and dozed off. The much-anticipated announcement was no big deal for the grayish, housecat-sized fox, but it marked a major step for scientists, conservationists and park officials desperately trying to save a creature that is nearly extinct.
August 20, 2012 | Barbara Demick
Angry youths on Sunday overturned cars and smashed shop windows in anti-Japanese protests across China stemming from a long-standing dispute over uninhabited islands claimed by both countries. Not to be outdone in nationalist fervor, 150 Japanese activists tried to land on the islands in the East China Sea by boat Sunday to commemorate World War II deaths. When that failed, 10 of them swam to one of the rocky islands and tried to plant a Japanese flag. The demonstrations in China were the largest since 2010, when a Chinese fishing captain whose boat collided with a Japanese coast guard vessel was arrested, leading to a protracted standoff.
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