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Israel Territories And Possessions

October 18, 1988 | DANIEL WILLIAMS, Times Staff Writer
As Israel's electoral race headed into its final two weeks, Shimon Peres, the Labor Alignment candidate for prime minister, Monday unveiled a plan for elections in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip to choose Palestinian participants in proposed Middle East peace talks. Under Peres' plan, even if peace talks should fail, Israel would prepare to withdraw from the Gaza Strip in 1990.
Sometimes David Zucker seems to be the most disliked man in Israel. His exposes of Israeli human rights violations have earned him the label of Arab-lover. He is called a traitor for digging out the plans for expansion of settlements in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip and publicizing them abroad. His fights for secular rights attract deep disapproval from religious figures who question his Jewishness.
November 1, 1991 | HOWARD ROSENBERG
Diplomacy: The designated Israeli and Palestinian spin controllers epitomize the way TV continues to be the primary PR battleground in political warfare between the two sides. Whether domestically or globally, the telegenic rule the airwaves. He's handsome and urbane, speaking articulately in perfect English. He could be your brother, your uncle. She's genial and polished, speaking eloquently in perfect English. She could be your sister, your aunt.
December 26, 1988 | DANIEL WILLIAMS, Times Staff Writer
Israel's new government responded positively Sunday to a tentative offer by Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak to visit Israel for the first time and try to get long-paralyzed Middle East peace talks in motion. "I would be very happy to receive him (Mubarak) in Israel," Shamir said on Israel Television. "I cannot say that there will be full agreement between us, but I assume that we can advance the peace process."
March 8, 1988 | DAN FISHER, Times Staff Writer
Three Arab gunmen demanding freedom for Palestinian prisoners took over a passenger bus near here Monday, killing one Israeli man in cold blood before a special police anti-terrorist unit stormed the vehicle and shot the hijackers to death. Two more Israelis, both women, were killed--apparently during the rescue attempt--and eight other women passengers were wounded. The incident marked the first Israeli deaths after nearly three months of unrest in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.
As church bells all over the Old City tolled at midday, a Jewish settler group announced Tuesday that it had met a deadline for evacuating a controversial hospice in the heart of the Christian Quarter but was leaving 20 settlers behind to guard and maintain the building.
May 7, 1988 | NORMAN KEMPSTER, Times Staff Writer
Under pressure from Arab-American groups, the largest American manufacturer of tear gas has ended shipments of the product to Israel and will not make additional sales unless the Jerusalem government agrees not to use the riot-control agent in buildings or other closed areas where it can cause severe illness or death, a spokeswoman said Friday. Burl Alison, vice president of TransTechnology Corp. of Sherman Oaks, Calif.
March 10, 1988 | DAN FISHER, Times Staff Writer
Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir declared "war" on the latest U.S. Middle East peace plan Wednesday as Palestinian unrest on the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip entered its fourth month with three more Arabs reported killed by army gunfire. Speaking at a meeting of the parliamentary faction of his rightist Likud Bloc five days after the American initiative was formally presented here by Secretary of State George P.
October 19, 1988 | DAN FISHER, Times Staff Writer
A 5-year-old boy and a Palestinian youth were killed by gunfire from Israeli troops during anti-government protests Tuesday, and a leading Jewish expert on the occupied territories said that government efforts to end the Arab uprising are resulting in a "horrifying increase" in violations of Palestinian civil rights. The boy, Zia Haj Mohammed, is believed to be the youngest victim of army gunfire in more than 10 months of anti-Israeli unrest in the territories.
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