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July 1, 1993 | Associated Press
Cleveland Indian pitcher Charles Nagy is expected to miss the rest of the season after undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder Wednesday in Los Angeles. Nagy has been on the disabled list since May 18 because of the pinching together of muscle and other tissue near the right rotator cuff. The Angels' Dr. Yocum performed the operation. Nagy, an All-Star last season, was 2-5 with a 6.31 ERA before going on the disabled list last month.
October 2, 1989
AVERAGE Name, Team G AB H Avg KIRBY PUCKETT, Min 159 635 215 .339 CARNEY LANSFORD, Oak 148 551 185 .336 WADE BOGGS, Bos 156 621 205 .330 ROBIN YOUNT, Mil 160 614 195 .318 JULIO FRANCO, Tex 150 548 173 .316 PAUL MOLITOR, Mil 155 615 194 .315 STEVE SAX, NY 158 651 205 .315 HAROLD BAINES, Tex 146 505 156 .309 MIKE GREENWELL, Bos 145 578 178 .308 RUBEN SIERRA, Tex 162 634 194 .
May 1, 1992 | SCOTT MILLER
After drawing their smallest crowd of the season Wednesday night, the Padres delayed the start of Thursday's game 15 minutes because of heavy Cap Day traffic. What time is the game? What time can you get here? Literally. Padre players were not pleased. "When they postponed the game, it really fouled up the players' timing. That's why we got beat today," said Tony Gwynn, who wrapped his point in thinly veiled sarcasm. "We'd have won today if we played at 1:05 p.m.
July 27, 1991 | ALLAN MALAMUD
I left the game early Friday night. But it was only to fetch the word processor from my car in the top of the ninth inning so I could write something about the no-hitter that Montreal's Mark Gardner was attempting to pitch. This being Dodger Stadium, though, hundreds of fans were leaving the ballpark. "It's too late for him," explained a father, carrying his young son on his shoulders in the parking lot. "Besides, it will fun listening to Vin Scully on my car radio if there is a no-hitter."
May 26, 1991
--The Thursday no-hitter by Tommy Greene of the Philadelphia Phillies simply underscores the remarkable job that Jim Fregosi has done with a suspect pitching staff since becoming manager. The same Philadelphia staff that had a 4.69 earned-run average under Nick Leyva had a 2.69 ERA for Fregosi through Greene's no-hitter, which gave the new manager a 16-11 record. --Kirk Gibson, who had a .190 average in Royals Stadium as a member of the Detroit Tigers, is hitting .166 there as the Royals' $3.
September 19, 1989 | From Associated Press
Chicago White Sox Manager Jeff Torborg, angry over Carlos Martinez's inability to bunt, replaced him in the middle of a ninth-inning at-bat Monday night, and the move paid off in a victory. With the count 0-and-1, Martinez was replaced by Steve Lyons, whose bunt was grabbed by reliever Jeff Montgomery and thrown down the left-field line for an error that allowed two runs to score and gave Chicago a 4-2 victory over the Kansas City Royals.
September 21, 1989 | DAN HAFNER
During a streak that started in the middle of August, Mark Gubicza was the hottest pitcher in baseball. Almost single-handedly, he lifted the Kansas City Royals into the race in the American League West. But Gubicza, who has pitched more innings than any other pitcher in the majors, is hurting. And, so are the Royals. Gubicza, who has had a sore chest for three weeks, threw only 30 pitches Wednesday night at Kansas City, and the Chicago White Sox handed the slumping Royals a 7-2 defeat.
The Angels made it official Sunday, announcing a contract agreement with Bo Jackson. The American League's comeback player of the year in 1993 will have his artificial hip examined by Dr. Lewis Yocum this morning and later attend an Anaheim Stadium news conference. Jackson, providing he passes the physical, will receive a major league contract for $1 million, with incentives that can take it to about $2 million.
August 31, 1993 | DAVID A. AVILA
Residents who claim their neighborhood already has too many places selling alcohol are circulating a petition to block a restaurant from receiving a liquor license. "We have enough places (that) dispense alcohol around here," said George Brinck, 75, who helped start the petition drive. "We have enough problems in the neighborhood."
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