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J M Peters Co

January 13, 1985
The J. M. Peters Co., Newport Beach building firm, has posted the highest half-year sales total in its 10-year history. In the first six months of its current business year, Peters had revenues of $43,363,000, topping the 1983 record by 16%.
May 28, 1989
Your recent article outlining salaries paid to high-ranking Orange County executives was misleading with respect to the employees of J.M. Peters Co. ("National Education's Chief Top O.C. Earner," May 14). As explained to your reporter before the release of the story, J.M. Peters' fiscal year ends the last day of February. The salaries listed in your article were for the 10 months of 1987 and 2 months of 1988. We are a public company, and your reporter was told that salaries paid to our executives for the majority of 1988's calendar year would not be reported until the first week of June.
December 4, 1988
Please let your Orange County readers know that J.M. Peters Co. currently ranks seventh on Orange County's list of home builders, based on total sales. We were omitted from the Nov. 29 published list ("29 Home Builders in County Have Sales in Top 400"). We also rank 42nd nationally. The omission was the result of Professional Builder magazine incorrectly combining our revenue with those of our parent company, Southmark Inc. The Los Angeles Times, in good faith, relied on the magazine's research, which was misleading.
May 9, 1989
Greg E. Petersen has been named vice president-controller for J.M. Peters Co., a Newport Beach-based home builder. He has served as controller since joining the firm in 1986. Petersen will now have the additional responsibility of securing construction financing for the Los Angeles/Ventura division. Before joining J.M. Peters, he spent 7 years as assistant controller for the Mission Viejo Co.
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