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April 14, 1996
I am the member of the Hollywood Association of French Actors who J. R. Moehringer interviewed for his well-written and entertaining article, "We the People" (SO SoCal. March 3). While we appreciate the opportunity to express ourselves, allow me clear up a two points: First, I am not the "founder" of the association. It was started by several actors of French origin and is a democratic organization run by a steering committee that changes every three months. I am merely the first steering committee's spokesperson.
August 27, 1999
"Gee's Bend: Crossing Over" (Aug. 22) by J.R. Moehringer has got to be one of the most moving newspaper articles I have ever read. It's well-written, detailed and beautifully defines the principle of putting people in the story. And I can only hope that Gee's Bend is revived, not destroyed, by the ferry its inhabitants were never asked to approve. ROBIN M. WEARE Long Beach My parents are Alabama natives; my sister and I were raised south of the Mason-Dixon line. My Russian Jewish grandparents got there via Galveston and Savannah, settled, raised families, opened businesses and marched with the Rev. Martin Luther King.
May 13, 2007
Great article from Cheeta the chimp, combining amusing anecdotes, interesting history and elements of primate interest ("Cheeta Speaks," by J.R. Moehringer, April 22). He deserves his retirement, but, frankly, he should have been writing all these years. Eric J. Fleetwood Los Angeles Moehringer's story was excellent. It was informative, humorous, moving--and still managed to get a point across about animals in show business and their plight. Congratulations on a wonderful story and a wonderful writer.
September 8, 1996
J. R. Moehringer ("The Accident," July 28) made a huge leap in reasoning by stating that I want James Patterson to suffer and be used as an example. That is faulty reasoning and untrue. Believing that consequences must be faced for drinking and driving is not an attack on any individual. There's no need to make an example of James; sadly, plenty of examples already exist. Much suffering is caused by an all-too-frequent mix of alcohol and driving. One trip to the Mojave Desert and many lives are changed forever.
April 20, 1997
The execution of mass murderer William Bonin again revived the debate over capital punishment. A team of Times Orange County edition reporters chronicled the days leading up to the execution, and the event itself. AWARD Orange County Press Club 1st Place (tie): News Story * 'Freeway Killer' Executed By KEN ELLINGWOOD, J.R. MOEHRINGER and REBECCA TROUNSON TIMES STAFF WRITERS Feb. 23, 1996 SAN QUENTIN--William G.
January 28, 2007
Kudos to J.R. Moehringer for setting the record straight on the boxing career of Max Baer Sr. ("Mad Max," Jan. 7). It is unfortunate that the director and writer of "Cinderella Man" were too busy to contribute to the article. However, I suspect that they were not too busy to accept the recognition and remuneration that the movie afforded them. Even though the heirs of the deceased cannot sue for libel, there should be a moral compass that Hollywood follows when telling a historical story.
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