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Jack Kent Cooke

May 2, 1992
How can Bruce McNall consider building a larger arena when in two or three years the Kings will be at the bottom of the league because he mortgaged the future by trading youth for aging stars (a la Jack Kent Cooke)? The one Oiler he should have gotten is Glen Sather. If Sather is still unavailable I suggest Jerry West and Mike Dunleavy be hired to instill life into the organization. Lastly, as a cost-cutting measure, the Kings should refrain from printing playoff tickets beyond the second round.
May 29, 1997 | Associated Press
Immigration authorities can resume deportation proceedings against Jack Kent Cooke's widow, who pleaded guilty 11 years ago to a drug charge, a federal appeals court has ruled. The District of Columbia Court of Appeals rejected a judge's order blocking immigration authorities from deporting Marlena Ramallo Chalmers Cooke, a Bolivian native who married the owner of the Washington Redskins for the second time in July 1995.
March 21, 1987
I normally reserve my private predictions for the race track, but due to special circumstances I hereby submit them to the public: Tim Raines will sign with Los Angeles and hit .330. The Padres will have the highest ERA and the lowest number of runs scored per game in their division. Larry Bowa will be asked to resign, with Harry Dunlop taking over. The Padres will not draw a million fans at home. Joan Kroc will offer the team for $40 million with no takers.
April 11, 1997 | From Associated Press
Friends of Washington Redskin owner Jack Kent Cooke eulogized him as a charmer, a bully, a bon vivant and keen competitor during his invitation-only funeral in a tiny country church Thursday. More than 400 family members and friends, including some of pro football's biggest names, filled the pews and extra chairs or stood along the walls of Trinity Episcopal Church for the 45-minute service. Cooke, 84, died Sunday of heart disease.
February 21, 2014 | By Chris Erskine
The diva guard is orchestrating coaching changes. The boss man is an inveterate womanizer, as is most of the team, except for the committed virgin they just signed, who firmly believes sex shouldn't take place till marriage. This a dynasty or a soap opera? Well, actually it's both. Welcome to Showtime, the run-and-gun Lakers of the 1980s, one of the most successful yet dysfunctional franchises in the history of sports. What a tonic Jeff Pearlman's new book is for forlorn Lakers fans suffering through the team's disastrous current season.
May 8, 1997 | Washington Post
Thirteen weeks before he died, Jack Kent Cooke changed his will to deny fourth wife Marlene Ramallo Cooke any part of his estate, but the document creates a charitable foundation to help gifted and underprivileged children, according to papers filed Wednesday by Cooke's lawyers. The will filed in Fauquier County (Va.) Circuit Court also could set in motion the eventual sale of Cooke's Washington Redskins, while positioning his one surviving son to be the team's buyer.
January 2, 1987 | Associated Press
The sale of cable-television systems owned by McCaw Communications Companies Inc. to Jack Kent Cooke, owner of the Los Angeles Daily News, was announced Thursday by Cooke and Craig O. McCaw. Their joint statement said McCaw's cable holdings made it the 20th-largest multiple system cable operator in the United States, with more than 433,000 basic subscribers in 42 markets. Terms of the all-cash deal were not disclosed. McCaw's largest cable systems are in Tucson, Ariz.; Syracuse, N.Y.
June 18, 1988
During the past season, I have heard many discussions concerning the five championship banners won by the Minneapolis Lakers and how everyone feels they should be hanging from the Forum's rafters. I disagree for two reasons: --How many of the Los Angeles Laker fans were Minneapolis fans? --The analogy, used by fans and Chick Hearn, to the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Oakland Raiders is not valid. The Brooklyn Dodgers were owned by the O'Malley family and they still own the franchise.
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