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Jackson Hole

For Californians, Ken Burns' gorgeous and exhaustive six-part documentary on the National Parks poses something of a dilemma. In the 12 hours it takes for "The National Parks: America's Best Idea" to unfold, an Angeleno could easily visit any of a half dozen national parks. Without traffic, you could conceivably get to Yosemite, where it all started, tour the valley floor and be back before narrator Peter Coyote stopped talking. No doubt the various men behind the National Parks system, from mountain prophet John Muir to the touring-car-bound Franklin Delano Roosevelt would recommend you do just that.
August 6, 2006 | James Dannenberg, Special to The Times
THE Grand Tetons held sway over me for 20 years -- before I set ever eyes on them. The breathtaking backdrop for a mythic American landscape has been etched on my consciousness since, as a 10-year-old, I sat mesmerized by a Saturday matinee showing of "Shane," an archetypal little-guy-versus-bully story. And the Jackson Hole, Wyo., landscape, personified by the overpowering Tetons, is as essential a character as any in the 1953 film.
January 26, 1990 | Clipboard researched by Elena Brunet and Janice L. Jones / Los Angeles Times; Graphics by Scott Brown and Doris Shields / Los Angeles Times
President's Day weekend is peak skiing time in the Western United States. Flights to such skiing meccas as Lake Tahoe, Jackson Hole, Powderhorn (via Grand Junction, Colo.) and Sun Valley (via Boise) require a change of planes. A direct flight to Denver gets a skier within reach of Aspen and Vail, a flight to Portland takes you to Mt. Hood or Timberline Lodge, Seattle is within reach of Crystal Mountain.
April 6, 2006 | From the Associated Press
Air America Radio, a liberal talk radio network that features comedian Al Franken, said Danny Goldberg was giving up his role as chief executive and would be replaced by an executive from a management consulting firm. Goldberg, a longtime music industry executive, joined Air America as CEO in February 2005. He will remain with the company as vice chairman. Jim Wiggett will become interim CEO while the company searches for a permanent replacement, the company said.
September 23, 2004 | From Times Wire Reports
Two survivors of a plane crash in a rugged wilderness area emerged on a highway near Kalispell after making their way on foot through the mountains. The survivors, both U.S. Forest Service employees, made their way out a day after the Flathead County sheriff and the Forest Service had announced their deaths. Three others died in the crash. The survivors were identified as Jodee Hogg, 23, of Billings and Matthew Ramige, 29, of Jackson Hole, Wyo.
June 23, 1994 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
IDB Expects New Auditor Soon: The Culver City telecommunications company said that by the end of the month it probably will hire a replacement for Deloitte & Touche, which quit in a dispute with IDB over the company's accounting practices. Separately, an IDB executive confirmed that President Edward Cheramy was two months tardy in reporting to the Securities and Exchange Commission that he sold 300,000 shares in March.
September 19, 1985
Donald Wilkinson, governor of the Farm Credit Administration, said in an interview, "We might have to use the system's resources more rapidly than the 18-to-24-month period I've been indicating." Wilkinson said the nation's farm economy had deteriorated so rapidly that his projection may have been too optimistic. Wilkinson was in Jackson Hole, Wyo., for a three-day meeting of the 37 Federal Farm Credit Systems directors and presidents. They have agreed to formally ask Congress for financial
September 23, 2003
The carp-like Labeo scrape algae off a hippo in the documentary "Mzima: Haunt of the River Horse" set in Kenya. It opened the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival on Monday in Grand Teton National Park, Wyo.What began in 1991 as an obscure magnet for far-flung filmmakers, producers and distributors slowly has gained mainstream exposure. Accepting the 2003 Conservation Action Award on Thursday will be El Hadj Omar Bongo, who created a national parks system in Gabon.
October 20, 2002
Amanda Jones' interaction with moose in Jackson Hole, Wyo., was disturbing ("Fall in Cowboy Country, Sept. 22). Moose are dangerous, as she pointed out belatedly. In my travels I've seen people approach warthogs in Africa, buffalo in Yellowstone, bears in Alaska. The tourists' lack of knowledge is appalling -- and dangerous. It's amazing that more people aren't killed, although plenty, including children, are injured. Please take time to read and learn about wildlife before traveling.
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