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James Benson

August 8, 1989
The body of a 20-year-old man was found Sunday in a drainage ditch, authorities reported. Sheriff's deputies, responding to a report of a traffic accident, found James Benson Barron of Oceanside about 4 p.m. in the 2400 block of East Vista Way. Barron had been shot in the chest, a Sheriff's Department spokesman said. Witnesses told deputies that Barron was shot during an argument with a man in a pickup truck.
November 21, 1989 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
James S. Benson, acting deputy commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, will serve as interim commissioner when the agency's current chief leaves next month, officials in Washington announced. FDA Commissioner Frank E. Young is to leave Dec. 18 to become a deputy assistant secretary for health in the Department of Health and Human Services. FDA is part of the department.
May 20, 1985
Did you say "mandate," Mr. President? According to the newspapers, you seek to justify reneging on your promise not to cut Social Security by claiming that there was an overwhelming Senate mandate to do so. Let's look at the record. The senators expected to vote were divided 49 against the proposal to freeze Social Security and 48 in favor of the freeze. This was after your "arm twisting" of some of the senators via transatlantic telephone. In a very unusual and dramatic move, Sen. Pete Wilson (R-Calif.
September 14, 1991 | From Associated Press
A company that makes injectable collagen Friday rejected a Food and Drug Administration finding that users have a higher rate of two rare diseases. Frank DeLustro, vice president of scientific affairs for Collagen Corp., said the company's natural protein products have proven safe. Collagen has been used to treat allergic reactions for decades, he said. Collagen, a natural bovine protein, is injected under the skin to smooth wrinkles and repair acne and scars.
April 30, 1989
I believe James J. Benson erred when he described farmer and hunter roles in his article, "The Writer Who Said What Hemingway Couldn't" (Endpapers, April 9, 1989). Benson credited the farmer with husbanding resources and maintaining "an intimate relationship with the Earth and its creatures," while intimating that the hunter must master the environment. Experience suggests just the opposite. The farmer, to succeed, must clear the land to make way for cultivation, divert waterways to irrigate, and rid the area of wildlife for the well-being of crops and livestock.
May 24, 1989
Your editorial says that President Bush's package of crime-control measures is "puzzling" and "manages to be both reckless and timid at the same time" and ignores the "roots of crime." I had the same thoughts about your editorial. Strangely, you believe that tougher sentences and more prisons for violent criminals arenot the answer. The answer, and apparently the "root" of the nation's drug-related crime problems, you seem to imply, is actually guns, and specifically semiautomatic military-style "assault weapons."
April 15, 1999
* SpaceDev Inc., which says it's the world's first commercial space exploration business, agreed to settle charges by the Securities and Exchange Commission that it used the Internet to mislead investors about company finances. The San Diego-based company neither admitted nor denied wrongdoing. The SEC alleged that the company projected $2 million in earnings and $10 million in revenue last year without a reasonable basis for the estimates.
October 28, 2008 | Times Staff and Wire Reports
James W. Benson, 63, an entrepreneur who founded the firm SpaceDev, which helped build the hybrid rocket engine that launched the world's first privately-built manned spaceship into suborbital space, died of a brain tumor Oct. 10 at his home in Poway, Calif. The spaceship, built by aerospace innovator Burt Rutan, won the $10-million Ansari X Prize in 2004. Benson also started Compusearch and ImageFast, among the first full-text computer index and search systems that allowed people to search more easily through federal acquisitions regulations.
November 12, 1988
Your vacuous editorial "Bush: the Real Test" is so typical of the preposterous leftist rhetoric displayed almost daily on the pages of The Times that it is almost unworthy of serious rebuttal. But its ridiculous assumptions are so outrageous I can't resist. You are trying to deny the facts of the election, and these are that the American people, by and large, strongly rejected the attempts of the political left to win control of this country. The Democrats elected to Congress are not necessarily going to be hostile to George Bush.
Cal State Northridge President Blenda J. Wilson is floating a plan to bolster fund raising to help the university out of the most severe budget crunch in its 35-year history. The plan, which a university spokeswoman stressed is still preliminary, would call for the addition of up to nine administrators to the university's development department to help increase alumni donations and improve other outside fund raising.
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