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James Morrison

August 24, 1987 | DAN SULLIVAN, Times Theater Critic
Bob Dylan's book, "Tarantula," has been described by one of his biographers, Robert Shelton, as "an enigma wrapped in a question mark. Some of it is automatic writing, most of it is musical and all of it offers more when read aloud." How would it play on stage? Darrell Larson has been working for years on a multimedia version of "Tarantula," and it has finally opened at the Powerhouse in Santa Monica.
January 21, 2003 | Don Heckman, Special to The Times
"Rhapsody in Jazz" was the title of Lalo Schifrin's concert presentation on Sunday at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts. A better title might have been "Jazz Lite Meets the Film Composer." Schifrin's credits as the composer of film underscores are extensive -- including "Cool Hand Luke" (1967) and "Bullitt" (1968) -- and his theme music for "Mission Impossible" (1966-90) is a television classic.
February 23, 1996 | F. KATHLEEN FOLEY
Playwright James Morrison is nothing if not ambitious. Morrison's original drama "Idle Wheels" at the Road Theatre Company is a far-reaching meditation on family dysfunction, the ravages of alcoholism and the dangers of isolation, both the emotional and geographical varieties. Sadly, Morrison's reach ultimately exceeds his grasp, largely because Morrison nullifies his offbeat sense of humor with unnecessary histrionics.
January 17, 2012
Today Matt Bomer; Paula Deen; Tabatha Coffey; Anthony Mackie; James Morrison. (N) 7 a.m. KNBC Good Morning America Liam Neeson; Louis Van Amstel; "Celebrity Wife Swap. " 7 a.m. KABC Rachael Ray Elisabeth Hasselbeck. (N) 8 a.m. KCAL Live With Kelly Jessica Alba; Matt Bomer; co-host Seth Meyers. (N) 9 a.m. KABC The View Liam Neeson; doctors answer viewer questions. (N) 10 a.m. KABC The Talk Regina King; author Suzanne Somers. (N) 1 p.m. KCBS The Doctors Getting a healthier bathroom; potty training a toddler; "green" cleaning recipes.
It started where so many trends do, on the runways in Paris and Milan. Models sported Cher hair--the long, straight signature hairdo of Cher when she was with Sonny, before "Moonstruck" and all those tattoos. You could catch glimpses of it on the streets of L.A. Madonna vamped in it on the cover of February's Harper's Bazaar. And then a few weeks ago, Cher hair became official--Gwyneth Paltrow wore it to the Golden Globe Awards. "People want simplicity in their hair.
December 12, 1985
Lockheed Chairman Roy A. Anderson has been elected 1986 chairman of the 2,800-member Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce. He replaces David E. Anderson, president of General Telephone, whose term is ending. Thomas P. Kemp, president of Beatrice Cos.' grocery group, was elected first vice president, while Charles D. Million, chairman and chief executive of Avery International, was elected second vice president. The chamber elected several new directors. They are: J.
July 26, 1998
MOVIES "Airplane!" and "Naked Gun's" David Zucker takes aim at the world of professional sports in his latest satire, "BASEketball," which features Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of the animated "South Park" series, and has cameos by sports and film notables. It opens Friday in general release.
January 1, 1990 | PATRICK LEE
California's image as a pacesetter held up fairly well in the 1980s in the world of business and economics. Californians were a force for dramatic change. Some achieved change on a grand scale--inspiring a revolution in economic policy or transforming corporate finance. Some of the change may seem minor, but it altered our daily routines and our life styles.
April 21, 1988 | ZAN STEWART
Though it was cold and blustery outside, on the bandstand at Catalina Bar & Grill Tuesday everything was piping hot as the Australian Jazz Orchestra, a 12-piece all-star aggregation from Down Under, roared through a six-tune opening set of modern mainstream jazz that was always exciting and occasionally electrifying.
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