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James Orr

February 5, 2002
Ocean Beach Investors of San Francisco bought the 115,407-square-foot Park Tower office building at 5150 Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach from Southwest Value Partners of Los Angeles for $14.5 million. The seller was represented by Kevin Shannon, Robert Alperin, Robert Geary and Kim Wassick of Grubb & Ellis. Jack Ruban of Southpark Group represented the buyer. * GDA Real Estate of Greenwood, Colo.
October 30, 1998
Producer-director James Orr was sentenced Thursday to three years' probation for slamming ex-girlfriend Farrah Fawcett's head to the ground and choking her during a brawl. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Robert T. Altman also ordered Orr to perform 100 hours of community service, attend a counseling program and pay $500 to a domestic violence fund. Orr also was ordered to avoid any contact with Fawcett. He had faced a maximum sentence of a year in jail and a $6,000 fine.
August 19, 1998
Producer-director James Orr was convicted Tuesday of a misdemeanor charge in the beating of his ex-girlfriend, actress Farrah Fawcett, during a fight at his mansion near Bel-Air. Orr, 44, was acquitted of a second misdemeanor charge stemming from an Aug. 28, 1997, fracas. But he was convicted for kicking Fawcett and slamming her head on the pavement of his driveway during a fight on Jan. 28 of this year. He could face up to a year in jail and a $6,000 fine when he is sentenced Oct. 6.
February 20, 1988 | JESS BRAVIN, Times Staff Writer
In a ruling likely to delight grammar school teachers, a state appellate court has decided that winning a lawsuit does not exempt an attorney from a higher duty: spelling properly. The decision, handed down this week by the 4th District Court of Appeal in Santa Ana, upheld a lower court ruling that in effect set the price of the letter "t" at $50,000.
"Man of the House" is a serious comedy that works better when it's serious. It cuts to the heart of a contemporary phenomenon all too familiar to countless youngsters, that of having to adjust to a stepparent or to a parent's lover. An understated Chevy Chase couldn't be better as a fearless Seattle-based federal prosecutor who faces his greatest challenge trying to win over the 11-year-old son (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) of his girlfriend (Farrah Fawcett).
November 2, 1994 | T.H. McCULLOH, SPECIAL TO THE TIMES
Throughout Cal State Fullerton's production of Jerry Herman's "Mack and Mabel," a nagging question keeps interrupting: Why would anyone want to revive this show?
June 2, 1987 | LEONARD KLADY
Into the steamy American urban jungle arrives Bruce Won (Johnny Yune), a Korean in search of the American GI who saved his life 35 years ago. However, there are a dozen Pvt. E. Browns in the city who are Korean veterans. Undaunted, he sets out to find his soldier--the man who called him Fortune Cookie. To everyone else he meets, he says, "They Still Call Me . . . Bruce" (citywide). The ensuing mayhem is, at best, a series of trifling wrong turns.
July 11, 1999
Gosh! How shocking that Farrah Fawcett encountered misogyny and chauvinism at Playboy of all places ("Reinventing Farrah," by Robin Abcarian, June 6). Why, the last time I smeared my naked body with gold paint and flung it around in front of a bunch of woman-as-sex-toyplation guys, they couldn't have been sweeter, complimenting me on the rapid firing of my brain synapses. And then when I covered my nude torso with pearlescent glitter and rode bareback around the offices of Larry Flynt, they immediately asked me to give an impromptu discourse on quantum physics for the layperson.
November 25, 1987 | MICHAEL WILMINGTON
As W. C. Fields might have cautioned us, no one steals a movie scene like a well-lit baby. And, in "Three Men and a Baby" (citywide), both the babies and the lighting are expert. Twins Lisa and Michelle Blair--jointly playing a infant left unexpectedly on the doorstep of three swinging New York bachelors--coo, bat their eyes, clap and soil their surroundings with eerie expertise.
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