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James P Gray

August 19, 2001 | From Times Staff Reports
A state Court of Appeal panel in San Diego will decide whether petitions for a ballot initiative aimed at scuttling Orange County's plans for an airport at the closed El Toro Marine base were proper. Judges on the appellate court in Santa Ana recused themselves from the case without comment. Orange County Superior Court Judge James P. Gray earlier this month invalidated petitions for the measure calling for a park rather than an airport at El Toro.
October 13, 1996
What was missing from the debate between Judge [James P.] Gray and Sheriff [Brad] Gates on the merits of Proposition 215, legalizing prescription-only marijuana use, is that Gates heads an agency that profits off of the current laws (Sept. 6), and he does not want to lose that lucrative fund-raising avenue in these post-Proposition 13 times. As in the times of Watergate, if you want to find the truth, "follow the money." When Gates makes an outrageous, not factual statement like, "Marijuana destroys your immune system," your reporters owe it to readers to find out where that "fact" came from and whether it is indeed a fact, and not just let it hang out there.
May 16, 1993
I am surprised to read recently so many editorials and news items on the proposal to either legalize or decriminalize marijuana and/or all drugs. The fact that the Rev. Robert Schuller, founder of the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, has signed the petition ("Rev. Schuller Joins Ranks Urging Drug Law Reform," May 6) to decriminalize drugs is a sign that the attitudes of major public leaders is changing on this subject. The main organizer of the new attitude toward drugs is Orange County Superior Court Judge James P. Gray.
April 16, 2000
Re "Is Our Drug Policy Failing? Don't Ask," March 29 op-ed by Orange County Superior Court Judge James P. Gray: I sure wish The Times would get on Judge Gray's bandwagon. You have the power to help government understand the truth about its "war on drugs." I've watched it fail since the '60s, and now it's expanding, with continued failure as the only result. It just seems obvious that the illicit profits sustain the worldwide use and distribution of these killer drugs. Make them legal and controlled, and tax their sales.
January 20, 1989
Joseph Peter Lynch was ordered held without bail today in connection with the fatal beatings of his wife and 13-month-old baby this week. Prosecutors today filed a second murder charge against Lynch, 43, after his daughter, Natalie Lynch, died Thursday. The baby was found in her dead mother's arms Tuesday morning in the Lynch home. Both had been beaten with a champagne bottle, police said.
February 18, 1996
I have thought for a long time that the so-called "war on drugs" has become a total waste of effort, even though something needs to be done to combat drug use. Like it or not, some form of legalization or decriminalization must be explored, and I have admired Superior Court Judge James P. Gray's statements in this regard. We need to take the profit out of drugs, and that includes the "profit-seeking" law enforcement agencies as well as the so-called bad guys. Both groups seem to be draining us as taxpayers.
May 3, 1992
Hats off to the Orange County Bar Assn. for supporting Superior Court Judge James P. Gray after he advocated drug legalization ("County Bar Supports Judge's Right to Take Stand on Drugs," April 24). The OCBA supported the judge's right to have and express his own opinions. They did not necessarily support drug legalization. People who disagree with Judge Gray should attempt to discredit the judge's claims about drug legalization--not discredit the man himself. The fact that certain people, such as Sheriff Brad Gates, wish to harm the judge's career is ridiculous.
March 8, 1997 | JENNIFER LEUER
More than 300 high school students are expected to debate controversial issues including Internet privacy and affirmative action with judges, law professors and lawyers today at the 15th annual Law Day Conference. The morning conference, sponsored by the nonprofit Constitutional Rights Foundation of Orange County, is open to all high school students. Speakers will include Erwin Chemerinsky, USC law professor and commentator on the O.J. Simpson trial, Orange County Superior Court Judge James P.
April 19, 1992
The personal attacks on Judge James P. Gray in response to his proposal to decriminalize certain commonly used drugs, though expected, are totally unwarranted. Whether one agrees or disagrees with his proposal, his integrity and his ability to carry out his judicial duties should not be called into question. Those who know Jim Gray, and the level of his integrity, should have absolutely no doubt that Gray will continue to carry out his constitutional duty to apply the law. As judges, we recognize our responsibilities in this regard.
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