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James R Toberman

April 7, 2005 | Bob Pool, Times Staff Writer
Mayor James R. Toberman racked up plenty of firsts during his seven one-year terms at Los Angeles City Hall. He switched on the city's first electric streetlights. He helped map out its first street-car grid and water and sewer systems. Its first Jewish synagogue was organized during his tenure. So was its first chamber of commerce, its ritzy L.A. Athletic Club and the Los Angeles State Normal School, the forerunner to UCLA.
September 11, 2003 | Bob Pool, Times Staff Writer
The locals never paid much attention to the place. It took a newcomer from San Francisco to realize that the home of one of Los Angeles' most important old-time mayors was in jeopardy. And now the Bay Area transplant is helping rally Hollywood residents and city officials to prevent the demolition of the former residence of James R. Toberman, the mayor who brought electric lights, mass transit and fiscal integrity to Los Angeles in the late 1800s.
July 2, 2005
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who is the 41st mayor of Los Angeles, takes over a job with a colorful history. Here's a look at how L.A.'s 40 former mayors are remembered, if at all. Alpheus P. Hodges 1850-51 Hodges was mayor and coroner. He received no pay as mayor but earned $100 for each inquest of a "dead Indian." His hallmark was his youth when he took office -- 28 years old, still a record. Benjamin D. Wilson 1851-52 A winemaker and land baron, Wilson was the first elected full-time mayor.
September 6, 1988 | Compiled by Researcher Cecilia Rasmussen
Here is a list of the 38 mayors of Los Angeles since 1850, when California became a state, the pueblo became an incorporated city and the first elected mayor took office. Included are the dates they served and highlights of their terms. Alpheus P. Hodges 1850-51 Hodges was a leading physician and acted as both mayor and coroner. The City of Los Angeles was incorporated on April 4, 1850. The first newspaper, the Los Angeles Star, appeared in 1851.
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