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Jane Mclaughlin

May 14, 1987 | DAN WILLIAMS, Times Staff Writer
A conservative American fund-raiser linked to fired White House aide Lt. Col. Oliver L. North asked a prominent Mexican politician to donate $210,000 to fund television ads in favor of U.S.-supported rebels in Nicaragua, U.S. sources said Wednesday. In return, the Mexican's right-wing political party would get at least a nod of recognition from President Reagan for its efforts to wrest power from Mexico's ruling party, the sources said.
March 30, 1987 | Associated Press
At least one wealthy contributor who gave money to a private contra aid effort believed Lt. Col. Oliver L. North, then a National Security Council aide, was controlling how the funds were spent, documents show. A note from the contributor to an employee of conservative fund-raiser Carl (Spitz) Channell included a $100,000 check and said: "Please have Ollie contact me to let me know what he's going to do with it."
February 24, 1987 | PAUL HOUSTON and RONALD J. OSTROW, Times Staff Writers
The independent counsel in the Iran- contra scandal is investigating whether conservative fund-raiser Carl R. (Spitz) Channell used money from his tax-exempt foundation to buy arms for the Nicaraguan rebels, sources close to the inquiry said Monday. Channell, who had the assistance of fired White House aide Lt. Col. Oliver L. North in various projects on behalf of the contras, is being investigated by independent counsel Lawrence E.
February 28, 1987 | PAUL HOUSTON and MICHAEL WINES, Times Staff Writers
A diagram found in the safe of fired White House aide Oliver L. North suggests that organizations controlled by conservative fund-raiser Carl R. (Spitz) Channell helped to fund a network of private groups secretly providing military aid to the Nicaraguan contras. The hand-drawn diagram, printed in the Tower Commission report, indicates that money flowed from two of Channell's groups through a public relations firm into a North-connected company.
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