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Jazz Spotlight

November 28, 1993 | ZAN STEWART
STEVE GROSSMAN "Do It" Dreyfus * * * * This album, recorded in 1991 in France and just released in the United States, gives reason to cheer. The 42-year-old Grossman, one of jazz's finest tenor saxophonists, is in regal form, offering a brilliant synthesis of the two major tenor stylists of the day--John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins.
February 9, 2003
In Don Heckman's Jazz Spotlight, "Take a bow, players," he lists past jazz violinists Stephane Grappelli, Joe Venuti and Stuff Smith. He also mentions some of the newer ones such as Regina Carter and Jean Luc Ponty. I just wonder how he could not have mentioned Ray Nance (who played with Duke Ellington!) as one of the most influential and one of the best of the bunch. John Howard Los Angeles
January 13, 2002
Two important jazz books that Don Heckman failed to note (Jazz Spotlight, Jan. 6): a history of the Blue Note label by U.K. author Richard Cook titled "Blue Note Records--The Biography" (Secker & Warburg, London, 2001); and the long-anticipated biography of Chet Baker by New York author James Gavin, "Deep in a Dream," due in April from Random House. JAMES A. HARROD Laguna Beach
May 7, 2000
I appreciate Don Heckman's reviews of jazz albums and events and read them regularly. I do wish, however, that his "gaggle" of guitarists (Jazz Spotlight, April 16) had been expanded enough to include Thomas Tedesco. His Nine Winds release "Don't Ever Be Afraid to Be Ascared" is a delightful album and representative of some of the best music being made in Los Angeles, albeit in nearly total obscurity. CHARLES E. BLOOMQUIST Venice
September 12, 1999 | DON HECKMAN, Don Heckman is The Times' jazz writer
The piano jazz recordings just keep coming. Young lions, old lions and everyone in between in a dizzying, virtually nonstop flow of albums. How can one instrument generate so much activity? In part, of course, because no other acoustic instrument has more potential for variation, with its capacity to provide melody, harmony and rhythm--individually and in combination.
September 5, 1999 | DON HECKMAN, Don Heckman is The Times' jazz writer
The Southland's bubbling vitality as an arena for world-class jazz isn't always apparent in releases from the major labels. New York is largely the center for their activities, despite the many sessions held in Los Angeles sound studios and identified only in small type in the liner notes. But take a look at some smaller labels and a different picture emerges, with a virtual cornucopia of releases featuring the area's many talented jazz artists.
August 29, 1999 | DON HECKMAN, Don Heckman is The Times' jazz writer
It's taken way too long, but Central Avenue is finally beginning to receive some of the attention it deserves as a vital location in the history of jazz and, for that matter, in the history of African American popular music.
July 6, 1997 | Don Heckman
Record companies often reflect the musical and cultural attitudes of their founders.
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