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Jean Maurice Moulene

July 13, 2006 | Janet Eastman, Times Staff Writer
WHEN Dana Slatkin found her perfect home, she wanted to share the news with friends. Before sending out moving announcements, she hired an artist to draw an architecturally detailed rendering, down to the roof shingles and ivy leaves, of a greenhouse in her Holmby Hills backyard. That was the image she used on the card cover. "We sent it to express our happiness and to capture our home's charm and 80-year history," she says. "We were so full of emotion it seemed unfitting to buy a prefab card."
September 2, 2001 | ADELE CYGELMAN
When Parisian architect and urban designer Jean-Maurice Moulene moved to Los Angeles in 1996 with his wife and two young children, his first lesson in cultural nuances was the relaxed attitude his neighbors had to entertaining. "People here are very attached to their homes and are very comfortable opening them up to total strangers," says Moulene. The family initially made the move when Moulene's American wife, Kate, became the West Coast bureau chief for InStyle magazine.
April 21, 2005 | Alexandria Abramian-Mott, Special to The Times
In the two years since Diane and David Glean purchased their 1960s post-and-beam in Brentwood, practically the only visitors have been a steady stream of restoration specialists. But now that every tile and midcentury sofa is in place, the last specialist has been penciled in: the professional photographer. After working years to create the picture-perfect home, the Gleans are finally going to have the pictures to prove it.
July 2, 2006 | Barbara Thornburg, Barbara Thornburg is a senior editor for West and the author of the book "L.A. Lofts," which was released last month.
La vie est belle en Californie. Seven years ago, Gilena and Gary Simons honeymooned for a month in a charming cottage in the tiny village of St. Antonin du Var, 30 minutes north of St. Tropez. Surrounded by pine woods and vineyards set amid low rolling hills and the chirping of cigales, they fell in love again--this time with the languorous rhythms of Provence. "Our days were very lazy," recalled Gilena, 36.
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