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Jeb Bush

March 5, 2011 | By James Oliphant and Christi Parsons, Washington Bureau
President Obama on Friday celebrated a South Florida experimental school project with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who is blamed by many teachers in this state for threatening their jobs. The president tried to strike a bipartisan chord at Miami Central Senior High School, touting its dramatic turnaround and underscoring the importance of federal investment in education at a time when almost every domestic program sits atop a congressional chopping block. Obama was welcomed with a deafening roar from the more than 800 students in the school's gymnasium.
February 20, 1997 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
Republican Jeb Bush, defeated in 1994 in the closest governor's race in state history, plans to run again next year. "I still have the passion for this," Bush said. "I'm still enthusiastic about having the opportunity to serve." Bush, who turned 44 last week, said he probably won't make a formal announcement before late fall. The son of former President Bush and younger brother of Texas Gov. George W. Bush lost to Democratic Gov. Lawton Chiles in 1994, getting 49% of the vote to Chiles' 51%.
May 15, 2001 | From Times Wire Reports
Gov. Jeb Bush, facing published reports of infidelity with a political appointee, dismissed the rumor as an "outright lie." "I cannot tell you how hurtful this is," Bush told reporters in Tallahassee. "I love my wife. There is nothing to this rumor. It is an outright lie." Bush, 48, the younger brother of President Bush, also said he plans to announce next month whether he will seek reelection in 2002. He said he will first discuss with his family the toll the job takes on his private life.
July 7, 1998 | Reuters
Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate Jeb Bush said Monday he has chosen Florida's education commissioner as his running mate in an election expected to focus on schools. Frank Brogan, 44, has also been a teacher, principal and superintendent. He was elected education commissioner four years ago and has championed charter schools and standardized testing for graduation. Bush, 45, is the son of former President Bush and the brother of Texas Gov. George W. Bush.
April 27, 2003 | From Times Wire Reports
Florida Gov. Jeb Bush thanked the National Rifle Assn. for helping elect his brother president. Bush was keynote speaker at the gun lobby's convention in Orlando. Earlier, in his final appearance as NRA president, Charlton Heston shuffled onto the stage but was too weak to give a farewell speech. The actor, diagnosed with symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, was able to raise a Winchester rifle over his head and deliver a trademark line, "From my cold, dead hands."
March 25, 2007 | From Times Wire Reports
Former Gov. Jeb Bush was snubbed for an honorary degree at the University of Florida -- but he can still call himself an honorary alumnus. The Alumni Assn. Board of Directors passed a resolution to make Bush an honorary alumnus. The move came on the heels of a 38-28 Faculty Senate vote to deny Bush an honorary degree.
July 18, 2001
Re "Jeb Bush's Recount Role Examined," July 14: Well, there goes the old adage that elephants never forget. Since The Times' writers have started questioning the 95 calls from the Florida governor's office to various GOP members after Jeb Bush recused himself, it seems that Jeb, Randy Enwright, Mindy Tucker, et al., seem to be suffering from some new sort of malady, "selective memory syndrome." Do they really think the public is that dumb and is going to buy this? But Jeb is able to clearly remember his Thanksgiving dinner conversation with Frank Jimenez (his legal counsel who was working on the recount at the time)
After avoiding the spotlight for three weeks, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is being thrust inexorably toward a more central role in his brother's struggle for the state. As the Republican-controlled state Legislature moves toward intervention in the dispute, the prospect is growing that the governor soon may sign unprecedented legislation to directly award Florida's 25 electoral votes to his brother George W. Bush.
August 17, 1989 | From Times wire services
A former White House chief of staff and Jeb Bush, son of President Bush, are part of a group formed to bring an NFL team to Jacksonville, a newspaper reported. "We'll be announcing that an ownership group and/or somebody seeking to bring an NFL franchise to Jacksonville is in place," Dave Clavier, a public relations consultant for the group, told the Florida Times-Union. The younger Bush, who has served as Dade County Republican chairman and Florida secretary of commerce, is a Miami businessman.
March 8, 2000 | From Associated Press
About 10,000 demonstrators chanting "Shame on Bush" jammed the state Capitol grounds Tuesday, demanding that Gov. Jeb Bush back off his plan to ban racial and gender preferences in university admissions and state contracting. Pouring into Tallahassee from around the country, the demonstrators said they feared Bush's plan to end affirmative action would erase the gains blacks and other minorities have made since the civil rights movement.
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